Usage pricing and Add-ons

Local phone number

International phone number in over 60 countries



Premium phone number

The really cool numbers (Professional & Premium only)

Toll-free number

Free for customers to call



WhatsApp phone number

WhatsApp Business number**



Number porting

Port your numbers to Dixa


/number/mo added to each ported number

Outbound telephony

Outbound per-minute rates vary

Inbound telephony

Per minute pay-as-you-go and flat rate packages

Toll-free usage (US & Rest of the world)

Extra charge for toll-free calls

Guaranteed Data Centre Location

EU for data & privacy compliance

Voice Provider Integrations

Bring your own telco or integrate with your voice provider

* Some factors can impact usage / telephony costs including if you provide local or toll-free phone numbers, forward calls to an external number, support a domestic or international customer base, offer callback etc.
** Additional phone number associated with your WhatsApp Business Account (on top the one included in your plan)

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