The last several months have been a quite busy and exciting for Dixa. With new faces joining our growing team and lots of positive feedback from our customers (ranking Dixa #1 in several G2 Crowd contact center categories), there are many things to celebrate and serve as motivation as we look towards the future.

In terms of customer acquisition, last month, we found ourselves above (very ambitious) growth targets for the first time. As we continue to expand our customer base, which has now grown to 19+ countries, having people on the ground and close to customers is essential to establishing and maintaining healthy customer relationships. For this reason, we have decided to bring on board James Marlow, formerly of Zendesk, to represent Dixa in the UK and Ireland.

A history with fast-growing startups and support software

James has an impressive background having previously worked for three hyper-growth companies during each of their early years. Before James embarked on his seven years at Zendesk, he worked for RightNow and Omniture. RightNow was pre-IPO and Omniture was before they got bought by Adobe. In Zendesk’s case, James was hired as the first salesperson on the ground in the UK. He quickly started selling to the mid-market space in Europe and as the business grew, he transitioned on to enterprise sales and account management in the UK & Ireland.

Aside from James' successful track record with growing startups, we are thrilled to have him on board for several other reasons as well. Not only does James possess extensive knowledge in the customer service space and building long lasting relationships with customers, but he also strongly believes in the value of an omnichannel approach to your entire customer experience. This is something that we, here at Dixa, also wholeheartedly believe in.

“Today, the customer is the channel.”

When James speaks of the state of the industry today, he feels the same void in the market that Dixa’s founders felt that led them to start Dixa back in 2015. With customer expectations on the rise and the growing number of channels customers can use to contact companies, James states:

“It shouldn’t matter how a customer contacts a company–the company should be able to respond on the customer’s preferred channels without losing track of the customer’s journey, their previous contact history and their needs.”

The challenge James has observed that many companies face in providing this type of support is giving a consistent customer experience across channels and removing contact silos, which lead to customer frustration.

From a technology standpoint James has seen a lot of change in the marketplace to try to accommodate this. And several market leaders have emerged in specific fields, such as ticketing, messaging and telephony. However, there is still a gap in the market for someone to bring this technology together and offer something that is truly omnichannel. This is where Dixa caught James' attention.

A new adventure begins with Dixa

As James comes on as Dixa’s new GM of the UK and Ireland, he expressed his excitement towards moving into a position that not only entails establishing long lasting customer relationships, but also involves contributing to the direction of Dixa from a product point of view as well.

“We’re on an adventure, and I’m now in charge of efforts in the UK & Ireland with a direct line to the product team and C staff. That was the final piece of the puzzle for me; that I get to shape the product based on feedback from customers and manage and grow a business such as Dixa. I believe it’s a great opportunity for me to grow personally and keep improving.”

James acknowledges that there’s still a lot changing in the industry, including tremendous buzz surrounding AI and chatbots, however, there’s still a long way to go until machines can successfully take over interactions with humans. And when that happens, he believes that “whoever succeeds in implementing it correctly will do so in a completely channel neutral way. This is where I feel Dixa has a big advantage over all the other vendors in the long run.”

With James' great knowledge of the customer service and customer experience space and passion for building businesses from the ground up, we couldn’t be more excited to welcome him to Dixa!