Release Notes - January 2017


Welcome to all our new sign-ups! We're so excited to have you all on board and humbled by all the attention. Really, thank you so much :-)

This month's release notes brings a much-wanted feature (hint, it's the first one) and more:

Added call functionality:

  • Internal calls between online agents are now possible (lots of people were asking about this one, and now it's here). Simply click on an agent to call.
  • Click-to-call contacts from Contact Card and Conversation View

Team List improvements:

  • It is now displayed in the Team List when an agent is in After Call Work
  • It is now displayed in the Team List which channels agents are active on as well as the number of open conversations
  • ‍Conversations menu now lists all open conversations (Team) and not only the agent who is logged in (Me)

Various fixes and improvements:

  • Major update of agent interface with many, smaller bug fixes
  • Added a warning and guide if microphone isn't activated in Google Chrome
  • Queue name, direction, status and total call duration added to Conversation Info

That's it for this month. Next month will, if the developer Gods are with us, bring the addition of some of the major features that you've been asking for. Like... Email. That's right! Stay tuned for more info and see the email features here.

release notes
Tue Søttrup

Tue Søttrup has been delivering excellent customer service for more than 20 years, the past 12 years as a manager for several contact centers. Tue is currently VP of Product & Customer Success at Dixa where he's carefully nurturing a small bonsai tree that he calls GenZen.