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Dixa vs. Freshdesk

A more affordable and simply better way of providing great customer service. Let us tell you why.

Looking for new help desk or customer service software can be challenging and time consuming. Many solutions appear to solve the same problems, but do so in fundamentally different ways - ways that can be hard to get a grasp of without trying all of them. That is why we would like to share with you how we are different from Freshdesk as honestly as we can. So if you’re looking for

  • new customer service software
  • a help desk for customer support (not IT-support) and/or
  • a new phone system, email handling, chat & more

… then this article is for you.


Tickets slow you down

Like many other help desks, Freshdesk’s software is centered around a ticketing system. Ticketing was originally created for internal IT-support who run at least two tiers of support: Those on the frontline who talk to customers and those in other departments who solve customer issues but shouldn’t talk to customers. If your support isn’t organized in this way, working with tickets is at best a distraction and at worst a waste of your time.

The one single metric that’s best correlated with customer satisfaction in all the studies we’ve seen over the past 20 or so years is First Contact Resolution (FCR). Help desks that use ticketing systems are built to not solve customer inquiries right away and add extra steps to managing and solving customer inquiries. What you should be doing is answering customers correctly the first time - why do you need a ticket for that? The truth is you don’t.

That is why we chose to organize Dixa around conversations with customers, not tickets or cases. As such Dixa isn’t a ticketing system, it’s simply a system that allows you to talk with your customers on any channel, while keeping yourself organized (everything’s logged automatically and conversations given unique IDs). We design to make focusing on the customers and their questions as easy as possible, while Freshdesk makes managing complex processes easier.


Dixa is easier to learn & use

Freshdesk, by virtue of having more features that support very complex processes and being an older system, is more difficult to learn. There are simply more things to click on more tabs. We keep everything in one tab in one browser window, and we obsess over designing for the best user experience. Most of us have backgrounds in customer service ourselves, so we know that every click matters as it’s done thousands upon thousands of times, and that redundant work can lead to frustrated agents.

Right now, our standard training time for both agents and admins is at 1 hour, and we recently got featured in G2Crowd’s Spring Report for contact centers (based on user reviews) for the first time. This is how users reviewed us:

Conversational Customer Engagement

"The thing I like the most about Dixa is the simplicity. It's simple to use in a good way. Dixa makes my work a lot easier, but also faster.

Christoffer R.– G2 reviewer

We have bi-annual design reviews of our interface, where the focus is on agents being able to help each customer without distractions or technological limitations.

We can’t show you Freshdesk’s interface here, but we can show you our’s. Here is a quick look inside Dixa:


Easy setup, no need for help from IT

Setting up most contact center solutions, whether they are cloud-based or not, usually requires a significant amount thought, time and effort. Often it’ll also involve your IT department or external consultants. Freshdesk is no different.

Dixa, on the other hand, can be set up very quickly and does not require assistance from IT (most integrations can even be set up in minutes). With Dixa we wanted to make contact center software available to everyone and give complete admin power to the customer service teams in the world. We allow admins to easily change routing, choose their algorithms, add and remove users on the fly and make real-time changes to their setup in seconds (e.g. change IVR, phone announcements, email auto-replies, etc.).


Truly multichannel - it’s not just something we say

Dixa was made with the goal of bringing companies and their customers closer together, fostering a stronger bond between the two. With this in mind, Dixa was built as channel neutral from the start. This means every customer inquiry is treated the same, regardless of whether a customer reached out on the phone, in an email or in a chat, allowing for a true multichannel conversation.

Other solutions out there, Freshdesk included, call themselves multichannel, but instead are several different products that have been built separately and packaged together. Because of this, agents have to jump between systems & tabs to handle customer inquiries on different channels. Because Dixa truly handles all communication within one platform, agents get a holistic overview of each customer and can deliver quicker, more personalized support regardless of how customers prefer to get in touch.

We encourage you to check up on prices and features yourself, don't just take our word for it! Try Dixa for free and get our help every step of the way.

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