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Rapha races past the competition by providing human-centric support

The cult cycling apparel brand, Rapha, has a deep rooted culture of placing a high priority on their customers with a laser focus on their overall customer experience. In an effort to strengthen their global community of riders, Rapha was looking for customer service software that could help them funnel all customer communication into one system and break down the many channel silos that exist in most systems today. With Dixa, Rapha can ensure each customer receives helpful, personalized support from a real human, regardless of the channel they choose to reach out on.

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“Two of the most important things for us is that our customers always receive a personal customer service experience and that our customer service reps have the best working experience. With Dixa, they all do in all respects.”

Iman Safari
Head of Subscribers & Customer Service 
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"We had an aspiration before Dixa to become a global #OneRapha team. In order to unlock that opportunity we needed a platform that was within the same mindset around not having siloed ways of thinking and working. Dixa has provided us with this one-screen wonder."

Rob Pierce
Customer Operations Director at Rapha



"Dixa has helped us scale from 20 agents to 100 over 6 months while simultaneously helping us improve our customer experience tremendously. We now know what customers are contacting us about and can engage with them in real-time. Because of this we have seen an increase in customer retention."

Andreas Sachse
COO of Too Good To Go 

Fighting Food Waste Around the World with Dixa

Too Good To Go is on an incredible growth journey, expanding internationally and fast. Because of this, they needed flexible software that could be set up quickly and scale across the globe. At the same time, they needed a tool that could help them engage with their customers across various communication channels in a personalized manner. Dixa provides Too Good To Go with a highly scalable solution, an intuitive user experience that is easy for new agents to learn and the data to continually improve and optimize their customer experience.

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From limited systems in silos to one unified solution for phone, email and chat

"After Valentine's Day, it usually takes one week to clear the backlog. With Dixa, it only took two days."

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Dixa gives Aller Leisure a unique and unified solution for handling leads, customer service and sales

"We now recognize nearly all of our returning customers (87%) across channels with Dixa."

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Sportmaster delivers customer support in record time across all support channels

"Dixa has transformed the way we work, so much so that we've reduced our first response time on email by 83%."

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Dixa provides Serenity Holidays with a smarter way to work and the ability to deliver a superior multichannel customer experience

"We've increased our customer satisfaction by 32% after switching to Dixa."

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Too Good To Go scales their community of Waste Warriors around the world with Dixa

"Dixa helped us scale from 20 agents to 100 in the first 6 months while simultaneously elevating our customer experience. We now know what customers are contacting us about and can utilize the insights we gain from Dixa to continuously optimize our entire customer journey to be faster and more efficient."

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Rapha races past the competition by providing human-centric support with Dixa

"We certainly do not want to become a robotic, process-driven contact center. We want to be humans at the end of a phone and we genuinely feel that Dixa helps us unlock that."

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