Dixa gives Aller Leisure a unique and unified solution for handling leads, customer service and sales

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Booking conversion rate
Customer recognition across channels
Booking conversion rate
Customer recognition across channels
Even higher conversion rate
High costs & inefficiency
Lack of data & insights across channels
Lead response time
Favorite features
Personal conversation queues
Intelligent routing
Customer recognition
Channel-neutral experience

About Aller Leisure

Aller Leisure was established in 2013 with the acquisition of Nyhavn Rejser to ensure a clear profile of the Aller Group's travel business independently of the Group's media business. Aller Leisure consists of 5 travel agencies in Denmark and Norway and has a yearly turnover of 600m+ DKK.

With five different travel brands and a strong presence in Scandinavia, Aller Leisure’s travel agencies provide sales assistance and customer service to several hundred customers daily. Aller Leisure’s brands pride themselves on offering one of a kind travel experiences facilitated by travel advisors who work tirelessly on planning customer travel plans down to the last detail. From large group tours (ranging from 10 to 1,000 participants) to personal travel plans, Aller Leisure’s travel agencies do it all.


Aller Leisure’s largest agency, Nyhavn Rejser, recently found themselves struggling to keep up with their rapidly growing customer base. Not wanting to lose the level of personal service they have always provided, Nyhavn Rejser began to search for software that could help them better manage their leads and customer support. As the company began their search, they had a couple challenges they were hoping to solve with new software:

Even higher conversion rate

Even though Nyhavn Rejser was doing quite well in relation to achieving above the travel industry’s average conversion rate, they knew that the sales and service teams could do even better with the right data, tools and insights. One of the biggest disadvantages was the fact that the travel advisors were not able to see relevant customer information regarding who is calling, emailing or messaging, their past conversations across channels or their previous holiday bookings. As a result, Nyhavn Rejser wanted a solution that could recognize return customers and provide advisors with more context. Furthermore, Nyhavn Rejser had no way of connecting customers directly to the advisor who had previously assisted them and they wanted the ability to route customers to a dedicated “personal advisor” every time.

High costs & inefficiency

Nyhavn Rejser’s customer service and sales used four systems that were disconnected and functioned completely separately, which kept system costs high and resulted in inefficient manual processes and repetitive work. This became an increasing challenge to the growth of Nyhavn Rejser and they wanted to find a way to save on system costs and the time employees spent due to inefficient processes.

Lack of insights & scattered data across channels

Since Nyhavn Rejser was using different systems to manage their sales and support, their data - just like their systems (Outlook and TDC IP Scale) - lived in silos and they found themselves spending an immense amount of time converting conversation data into a useful format where they could use it to make informed business decisions. Finding a solution that collected better stats and analytics across all channels (phone, email and chat) was top of mind.

Lead response time

Nyhavn Rejser’s current system for assigning leads was a very manual process, which resulted in a slow response time (not ideal for their sales team). Nyhavn Rejser was hoping to find a solution that made it easier to assign leads automatically.


Switched from: Outlook (mail), TDC IP Scale (phone)and no live chat

26% increase in conversion rate

With Dixa’s contact recognition feature, Nyhavn Rejser’s travel advisors are able to instantly recognize return customers and see their previous bookings, providing advisors with a clear threaded conversation history between themselves and the customer across all channels. This makes it easier for advisors to get caught up on the status of a deal and respond faster and with more accuracy. Additionally, with Dixa’s queue structure, Nyhavn Rejser is now able to route all customers directly back to the advisor that was originally assisting. This saves customers from having to repeat themselves and enables advisors to cultivate a more personal relationship with customers, helping them convert more leads into sales. By giving travel advisors more context when assisting customers, Nyhavn Rejser is able to deliver a personalized experience and achieve more bookings.

The way we can manage our leads and customer service with Dixa is unique because all customer engagements and data across email, chat and phone goes in one solution. With Dixa, we give our customers and our employees a significantly better experience, which has resulted in an increase in sales, customer satisfaction and efficiency across the board.

Rie Ulrich
COO Aller Leisure

Lower costs & increased efficiency

By consolidating their sales and support systems with Dixa, Nyhavn Rejser was able to keep internal and external costs related to processes, licenses, vendors etc. low and enabled employees to spend their time in a more productive manner by not having to switch between systems and manually do lookups.

Better insights across all channels

Nyhavn Rejser is now able to get a unified view of t heir team’s performance in real time and historically. With better analytics and more unified data, Nyhavn Rejser also has the ability to make quick, well-informed business decisions that helps them continually improve their customer experience and their overall operations as well as their team’s performance.

Shorter lead response time

One of the biggest benefits of using Dixa for Nyhavn Rejser is Dixa’s intelligent routing, which makes it possible to automatically distribute the most important leads first and have them answered by the most qualified travel advisors. This includes the ability to route leads based on the customer’s desired travel destination as well. With leads being automatically pushed to advisors, Nyhavn Rejser’s advisors are able to save a tremendous amount of time compared to their previous processes and respond to customers more than twice as fast. Nyhavn Rejser’s new workflow can also scale seamlessly without customers falling through the cracks and has increased their team’s productivity in addition to providing them with an efficient lead handling process.

Increased customer satisfaction

Being able to ensure customers can connect with the same advisor every time has brought Nyhavn Rejser closer to its customers, establishing a level of trust they hadn’t been able to achieve previously. This has resulted in a much higher customer satisfaction rating and more loyal customers across the board.

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