Rapha races past the competition by providing human-centric support with Dixa

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Improvement in CSAT scores
Increase in daily responses
Improvement in CSAT scores
Increase in daily responses
Increase in customer retention
Direct-to-consumer, Ecommerce
Disconnect support channels
Offering an omnichannel experience
Inefficient workflows
Customer recognition across channels
Favorite features
Agent-friendly interface
Consistent experience across channels
Channel presence
Team view
Skill-based routing

About Rapha

Rapha is a cycling apparel company born in 2004 with the aim of bringing a community of cyclists together, united by a love of the sport. As well as developing its line of cycling clothing and accessories, Rapha founded their own Cycling Club in 2015, which has grown to more than 16,000 members worldwide with clubhouses across Europe, North America and Asia. Rapha’s brand message is all about empowerment and shared enthusiasm for the sport. By placing an emphasis on inspiring others to form human connections that matter, Rapha knew it must create a customer experience that matches this to both grow as a company and develop as a community.


Rapha needed to build and maintain relationships with customers while staying on top of customer interests and cycling trends at a grass-roots level. Being able to understand and respond to very specific product requests and inquiries made by customers is essential, it’s part of the brand’s DNA.

Cyclists connect with Rapha because they know the brand is deeply invested in the sport including the brand’s employees too, who are enthusiasts themselves.  Rapha’s products and services are credible and trusted, so when it came to their customer experience management, Rapha wanted all interactions with customers (online and offline) to reflect its brand values on a personal level.

Disconnected support channels

Before Dixa, Rapha had an aspiration to become a global, unified team, which is demonstrated by its hashtag, #onerapha. To unlock that opportunity, Rapha needed a platform that held the same mindset. Therefore, Rapha wanted to remove its attention on siloed ways of thinking and working and instead create one, effective funnel of communication. This would enable anyone in the business to respond to those moments when their customers reach out, no matter the channel or time of day.

Making CX a #1 priority

In a world with an abundance of brands and options, Rapha knew that product differentiation was getting tougher and customer experience would become the main differentiator in their space above everything else. By placing an emphasis on the customer experience even over the product itself, Rapha knew that it would be able to become a brand that has lifetime value ingrained into its message and culture. Rapha wanted to create an experience that would keep their customers coming back for more to build long-lasting relationships with its customers.

Creating a seamless experience

Rapha’s previous ways of working were clunky. It consisted of attempting to “sticky tape” various customer inquiries across channels together. Rather than spending time and resources trying to get these different systems to work together, Rapha wanted to find one system that could do it all. They wanted to implement a structure that could flow as one, allowing them to create efficient processes that would benefit their customers at the same time.


Rapha wanted a human-centric approach to communicating with customers to avoid becoming a robotic, process-driven contact center. With this aim in mind, Rapha asked Dixa to help ensure that the passion for cycling that sits at the heart of the brand could be translated into a scalable customer support experience. Above all, Rapha wanted a platform for its customer service team that would enhance its communications and show they know how to treat a customer like a friend, not just another transaction.

Improved CX with a human touch

By having all customer conversations across channels neatly organized in one system, Rapha’s customer service team has more time to develop relationships with its customers instead of clicking between different systems to know the customer’s history with Rapha. Additionally, being able to recognize customers across different channels by name helps  Rapha further deliver the kind of personalized experience online that they provide their customers with at their clubhouses. Through Dixa’s simple and unified customer service software, it was easy for Rapha to achieve the ‘brand friendship’ experience they’ve always wanted, ensuring its communication with customers is both engaging and personal.

"We had an aspiration before Dixa to become a global #OneRapha team. To unlock that opportunity, we needed a platform that was within the same mindset around not having siloed ways of thinking and working. Dixa has provided us with this one-screen wonder. "

Rob Pierce
Customer Operations Director at Rapha

Elimination of channel silos

As Rapha’s support team no longer needs to juggle a different system for each customer service channel, agents no longer have to think about adjusting their tone based on whether they are answering a call, email, chat or social media message. Instead, the focus now lies on creating an exceptional human interaction, irrelevant of whichever channel the customer uses. In shifting the focus from approaching support on a channel basis, Rapha’s agents have become more efficient and effective.

Overall company growth

With Dixa in place, Rapha is growing as a company due to an increase in customer satisfaction and retention. Rapha’s partnership with Dixa places the customer experience at the heart of the business. Working together to develop and evolve the technology around the brand and its customers will help to unlock new opportunities for Rapha and its relationship with cyclists as the sport evolves and grows.

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