Too Good To Go scales their community of Waste Warriors around the world with Dixa

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20 to 100
400% increase in agents over 6 mo.
Conversations per month
20 to 100
400% increase in agents over 6 mo.
Conversations per month
1.5 hrs
Training time required for agents
Extreme growth
Establishing one point of contact
Holistic overview of performance
B2B and B2C support
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Too Good To Go, the worlds #1 app for fighting food waste, was founded in 2015 in Denmark and has since expanded to fifteen countries. Through their app, Too Good To Go connects users with restaurants nearby, allowing them to purchase the excess food that would otherwise be thrown away thirty minutes before closing hours at a discounted price. But Too Good To Go is not just an app, it’s a movement to end food waste and make a difference in the world. Together with their users, Too Good To Go has already saved millions of meals from being wasted.


Being at the forefront of the food waste movement, Too Good To Go has been on an incredible growth journey boasting over 22 million downloads and saving even more meals from being wasted. Because of this, Too Good To Go needed customer service software that could serve both their developed markets and emerging markets.

Different systems & lack of overview

Too Good To Go’s previous customer service software, Zendesk, was too complex for emerging markets and had never been fully integrated into the company. This led to each country using it in different manners and implementing it to different degrees. Additionally, many countries were using local phone providers too, which contributed to the difficulty in gaining a complete overview of each team’s performance and contact volume. This made it hard to optimize Too Good To Go’s customer experience and know where they were doing well and where there was room for improvement.

Disconnected channels

Since Too Good To Go had been using various Zendesk products and local phone providers in many countries, their communication channels and customer data was scattered across several systems. This made it difficult to track each customer’s last interaction with Too Good To Go and hard to know the status of their inquiry. Finding a new system that could help them consolidate their existing setup and easily keep track each customer’s communication history on all channels with Too Good To Go was top of mind. This would also allow them to work in a more structured manner across different countries.

B2B & B2C support

Even though Too Good To Go is seen as a strictly B2C business, their business relies on their ability to work with thousands of restaurants and shops around the world. Additionally, the communication channels needed to get in touch with busy restaurants are often different from those preferred by customers, which also differ from country to country.

Because of this, Too Good To Go needed the ability to custom tailor support experiences for their partners and their users by country while using the same system. This meant finding software that allowed them to add or remove channels with ease and automatically route inquiries to the best suited agent based on specific rules they could set themselves.


Experiencing such extraordinary international expansion, Too Good To Go needed flexible software that was easy to set up and even easier to use. Dixa provides Too Good To Go with a highly scalable solution, an intuitive user experience and the ability to customize setups by country. 

One tool for all 

Too Good to Go can now roll out Dixa in emerging countries in a matter of days by copying existing setups and making minor alterations that suit each new market. Additionally, it only takes Too Good To Go one and a half hours to train new agents and minutes to add new support channels due to Dixa’s user friendly interface. 

This is something that has made it tremendously easier for Too Good To Go to enter new countries and go live in no time. Dixa gives Too Good To Go the structure and flexibility to expand their business internationally without compromising their customer experience. 

Better insights for better customer experiences

By having one customer service system for all communication channels worldwide, Too Good To Go can get a holistic overview of their performance across channels and gain insight into what their customers are actually contacting them about through the use of tags and intelligent routing. 

This data helps Too Good To Go understand points of friction in the customer journey and make informed decisions on what improvements their tech team should focus on making in their app. Utilizing Dixa’s data in this manner has helped Too Good To Go implement improvements that enhance their customer experience and make them more efficient from an operational point of view at the same time. 

"Dixa helped us scale our team by 400% in the first 6 months while simultaneously elevating our CX. We now know what customers are contacting us about and can utilize the insights we gain from Dixa to continuously optimize our entire customer journey to be faster and more efficient."

Andreas Sachse
Former COO at Too Good To Go

More engaged support teams 

Dixa provides Too Good To Go’s agents with a modern, intuitive tool as opposed to their previous software, which was clunky, hard to navigate and required more training. Because customer inquiries are automatically routed to agents through a notification in Dixa, Too Good To Go’s agents no longer have to sort through their inbox to choose which inquiry they want to answer. This saves them time and eliminates cherry picking in the process.

Dixa has also helped bring teams sitting in different countries closer through encouraging knowledge sharing around best practices and ideal setups. 

Happier customers 

Most of Too Good To Go’s customers reach out to them through their contact form on their website with issues relating to not being able to pick up their meal and needing to be refunded, something they were able to discover by analyzing their conversations in Dixa. As a result, Too Good To Go focused on improving their refund process to require less effort from customers and agents. In doing so, customers got better, faster support and customer satisfaction increased.

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