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Join businesses just like you who have increased retention and sales by unifying their support experience across all channels.

Grow your business with a unified support experience.

Dixa makes it easy for customers to get in touch and for your team to provide quick, helpful answers when they do, regardless of whether customers call, email or message. By unifying your customer support into one solution, Dixa can help your team stay organized and informed, keeping your customers happy and returning for more.

Increase customer retention

Customer recognition features and integration capabilities provide your team with the context they need to solve customer inquiries efficiently and with a personal touch to keep your customers coming back.

Save on costs

With instant access to all relevant customer data and customer conversation history in one place, you can save time and make quick, informed decisions to better serve your customers. Also, don’t worry about upkeep – Dixa maintains all hardware and software for you.

Improve team performance
& satisfaction

Intelligent routing ensures customer inquiries are prioritized and routed to the right customer service rep for a higher First Contact Resolution rate. Additionally, Dixa’s intuitive interface offers a better working experience for reps by being very easy to use, increasing employee satisfaction.

Extensive customer context with seamless integrations.

Know your customers the second they reach out by showing customer service reps data from your other systems in Dixa.


Avoid time wasted switching between systems with customer shopping history displayed the second customers contact you.
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See customer orders within Dixa instantly, just a few clicks can save a lot of time! Currently supports Magento 1.
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Just like our other integrations, our WooCommerce integration will give users all the context they need to thoughtfully and efficiently assist customers. (Coming soon)

Custom integrations

Integrate with any homebrew system and decide what data you want to display for reps in Dixa.

"Two of the most important things for us is that our customers always receive a personal customer service experience and that our customer service reps have the best working experience. With Dixa, they all do in all respects."

Iman Safari
Head of Subscribers & Customer Service
Better insights
Improved fulfillment process
More online orders
Read the complete Interflora case study→


Intelligent routing

Automatically route incoming inquiries to the right agents based on criteria you choose.

Customer recognition

Automatically recognize customers, including purchase and conversation history.

Real-time stats

Track your team’s performance in real time and see performance on wall displays.

Historical analytics

Track long-term progress and gain big picture insights for each channel & queue.


Tackle issues as a team with easy transfer options, listen-in and collision detection.

Notes & tags

Summarize and categorize all conversations to provide context and save time.

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