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Join brands just like you who have increased loyalty and revenue by unifying their support experience.

Deliver personal experiences at scale.

With most customer and brand interactions occurring online, it can be hard to establish a personal connection with your customers. Dixa unifies all your customer communication in one place, making it easy for your team to deliver personalized experiences every time for more repeat business.

Increase customer loyalty

Intelligent routing automatically prioritizes customer inquiries so the most important ones get handled first. Customer recognition features provide your team with all the context they need to deliver quick, personal support to keep your customers coming back.

Enhance your customer

Dixa’s multichannel capabilities gives you the opportunity to increase availability by adding more channels with ease. Assisting customers when and where they prefer enables you to continuously meet customer expectations for higher customer satisfaction.

Unified customer view

Truly know your customers by consolidating all your customer engagements on phone, email and messaging in one solution. Additionally, make quick, informed business decisions backed up by data to continuously improve your support and save on resources.

Integrate with your own systems to gain a full view
of each customer.

Recognize your customers the second they reach out by automatically displaying customer data from your other systems in Dixa.


Avoid time wasted switching between systems with customer shopping history displayed the second customers contact you.
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See customer orders within Dixa instantly, just a few clicks can save a lot of time! Currently supports Magento 1.
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Just like our other integrations, our WooCommerce integration will give users all the context they need to thoughtfully and efficiently assist customers. (coming soon)

Custom integrations

Integrate with any homebrew system and decide what data you want to display for reps in Dixa.

“A memorable design is fundamental to our DNA, therefore we always strive to deliver a uniquely personal customer experience, regardless of the place and time. Dixa enables us to do this in one unified solution.”

Enhanced customer experience
Increased efficiency
Lower monthly costs
Teis Werring Bruun
CEO of Baum und Pferdgarten


Intelligent routing

Automatically route incoming inquiries to the right agents based on criteria you choose.

Customer recognition

Recognize customers instantly and get caught up with a threaded conversation history.

Built-in CRM

Search for customer contact details or previous conversations across channels.


Track team performance and gain big picture insights to enhance your support.


Tackle issues as a team with easy transfer options, listen in and collision detection.

Notes & tags

Summarize and categorize all conversations to provide context and save time.

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