Tech & Startups

Capture leads and grow your customer base by unifying your sales and support software.

We’re also a tech company and we built Dixa to help us run our business too.

Whether you are a tech company or a startup, having the most up to date technology is crucial for keeping costs low and efficiency high. Dixa offers an intuitive solution with quick implementation time, but not at the expense of its intelligence. Living up to modern standards, including integration capabilities, Dixa unifies your support in an all-in-one solution to suit your business needs.

Gain and retain more customers

Being able to communicate with customers on several different channels, for sales or support purposes, is vital for any modern company. Dixa makes it easy to add channels and even easier to communicate with customers across channels from one interface. With customer recognition features and a built-in CRM, Dixa enables you to provide quick assistance with a personal touch to meet customer expectations and increase retention.

Easy to use

Dixa’s user friendly interface simplifies communication with customers, making it easier to get caught up on the status of a conversation by presenting users with a threaded conversation history across channels relevant customer data. Intelligent routing features ensure every customer is routed to the best team or individual to assist them from the start.

Save on costs while you grow

Dixa lives in the cloud and requires no maintenance so you can focus on your customers and growing your business instead of getting bogged down with software and paying for unnecessary features you don't need yet. Aside from providing a better experience for your team and your customers, consolidating your sales and support software into one solution can also significantly cut down on monthly costs associated with subscriptions, upkeep and repetitive work.

Get up and running with modern SaaS that users really love!

Quick & easy implementation

Dixa’s easy setup and intuitive design gives you the power to set up your account and make quick changes on the fly.

Integrate with your own systems

Flexible integration capabilities allow you to integrate with any system you like so you can use Dixa in a way that suits you and your customer’s needs.

“Dixa offered us a solution that did exactly what we needed and at a reasonable price. We were able to get up and running in no time. Why were we using at least two separate systems for sales and service before? This is much more intelligent and efficient compared to our old setup and it can be used globally from day one.”

Thomas Medard Frederiksen
Enhanced customer experience
Increased customer retention
Decreased costs


Intelligent routing

Automatically route incoming inquiries to the right agents based on criteria you choose.

Customer recognition

Recognize customers instantly and get caught up with a threaded conversation history.

Real-time stats

Track your team’s performance in real time and see performance on wall displays.

Historical analytics

Track long-term progress and gain big picture insights for each channel & queue.


Tackle issues as a team with easy transfer options, listen-in and collision detection.

Notes & tags

Summarize and categorize all conversations to provide context and save time.

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