Stand out with better customer support before, during and after trips, growing your business along the way.

See bookings soar by unifying your sales & support software.

Dixa optimizes your lead handling processes and provides your team with more context when assisting customers so you can deliver quicker, more personal support. By continuously meeting customer expectations, you can grow your business and increase efficiency at the same time.

Higher conversion rate

Customer recognition features and threaded conversation histories make it easy for travel advisors to get caught up on the status of a bookings and provide more personal support for a better chance of converting a lead into a sale.

Save on costs

Dixa consolidates your sales and support needs into one solution, keeping all your customer data in one place and eliminating the need for assistance from IT. Say goodbye to costs associated with repetitive, manual processes too with a modern, flexible solution.

Increase team productivity

By creating personal queues for each travel advisor, leads can be distributed automatically to the most relevant advisor based on desired destination, customer history and more. By automatically routing incoming leads straight to the best advisor, your team can save time and deliver quicker, more accurate assistance.

Greet your customers by first name every time.

Dixa automatically recognizes returning customers, regardless of how they get in touch.

Integrate with your systems
and decide what customer data you want to display for travel advisors. Popular choices are info on latest trip, total spend as well as existing reservations.

Create stronger bonds with customers by providing more personalized assistance due to travel advisors having much better context.

“The way we can manage our leads and customer service with Dixa is unique because all customer engagements and data across email, chat and phone goes into one solution.”

Rie Ulrich
COO Aller Leisure
Higher conversion rate
Lower costs & increased efficiency
Better insights across all channels


Intelligent routing

Automatically route incoming leads to the right advisors based on criteria you choose.

Customer recognition

Recognize customers instantly and get caught up with a threaded conversation history.

Real-time stats

Track your team’s performance in real time and see performance on wall displays.

Historical analytics

Track long-term progress and gain big picture insights and enhance your support experience.

Personal queues

Create queues for each advisor to ensure customers are always routed back to the same person.

Notes & tags

Summarize and categorize all conversations to provide context and save time.

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