We build product with technical brains 🧠 an eye for design 👀 and an ear for the user 👂. At Dixa, building the right product for the right reasons is essential to our success. We don’t believe in sacrificing product for short term profit, we are on a bigger mission to change the relationship between customers and brands around the world through software that supports Customer Friendships. Every decision that is made, is made with the intention to benefit the greatest number of people, whether it be our users or their customers.

Design is a crucial part of building something exceptional. Because of this, we work on design in unison with product development to ensure a cohesive end result that is both visually consistent and appealing and functional.

Lastly, we believe in autonomy and having fun because we want Dixa to be a place where you are excited to come to work every day and motivated to help us build a product that strengthens the bond between brands and their customers - much like the connection between friends.

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