As with any good growth story you need people that are able to connect to customers, both new and existing. And that is the role of Sales at Dixa. Whether you are an Account Executive or a Business Development representative your ability to connect to people is key.

We’re a dynamic team that likes to work hard and have fun. We work with a unique sales model at Dixa (qSASA), which gives us the foundation to ensure we’re not only closing deals but closing the right deals with the right customers. Part of our job is to understand what pain points our leads are facing and how Dixa can address or eliminate those pain points. Throughout the sales process at Dixa, each member of the team is expected to manage their own pipe and take ownership of their leads.

We hire for:

• Personality - How do you fit into the Dixa culture?
• Attitude - How do you show up everyday?
• Motivation - What drives you?

Come join us if you want to learn a new way of approaching sales and be part of one of the fastest growing SaaS startups in Scandinavia!

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