Growth Journeys: Building Customer Communities

April 28, 2021 5:00 PM



Vimmelskaftet 41A, 1st floor


People don’t just buy products and services - they buy experiences and relationships. They buy into communities and a sense of belonging. Delivering on expectations that high may sound impossible, but a few brands have cracked the code!

Come to our next event to hear how building exceptional customer experiences into the foundation of your business can give you a sharp competitive edge in the marketplace and ultimately drive growth.


Søren Moesgaard, Head of Customer Success from Pleo

Cornelia Brinkmann, Head of Customer Experience from Organic Basics

Jonas Nygaard, Country Operations Manager from Swapfiets

Sanne Nissen Møller, Head of Perspectives from Wilke

Kristian Klausen, Head of CS from Airtame

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