Built-in CRM

Apply tags to each conversation

Applying tags to a conversation can be helpful in many ways, least of which is your ability to categorize them. Knowing how large a share each type of conversation is a great starting point for figuring out where to improve proactive customer service.

Contact database

We've built a lightweight CRM system seamlessly into Dixa to ensure that you have the tools to provide the best service. Dixa automatically creates and updates contacts when visitors or customers start conversations with you. Repeat visitors and contacts are recognized based on the information the CRM-system currently has. You can also search in and browse contacts and manually update them where needed.

Contact recognition

Callers are recognized based on phone numbers and anyone else based on their email address. When you accept a conversation, you get information on the customer's previous conversations, who they talked to and any notes that have been added to each conversation.

Visitor tracking

Track your visitors' information and location. See the URL from which your customers are reaching out, and track their browser and devices. You are also able to view their email address, phone number and full name, if you already have this contact in your database.

Saves all conversations

All conversations are automatically saved by the system. Never make a customer repeat her- or himself needlessly!

Conversation history

Browse and search in all previous conversations and use filters to find what you need. Filter by customer, agent and team to quickly get overviews.

Write wrap-up notes

At any time you can add a note to a conversation that is viewable by others and will help greatly if customers get in touch on the same subject later on.

Search in contacts & conversations

Aside from just searching in conversations, you can also search for any contact in the database, be they agents, admins, customers, companies. Search by name, phone number, email address and conversation ID.

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