Call distribution & routing

Prioritization of agents

Make sure conversations are offered to the right agent first by setting prorities for each agent in each queue.

Drag’n’drop channel flow editor

Build your ideal call, chat and email experiences with our dragn’n’drop style channel flow editors and make real-time changes on the fly. Utilize intelligent routing features for each channel to automate your workflows, save time and provide an exceptional customer experience.

Triggers based on wait time

Use wait time in the queue as a trigger for other actions in your call flow. Play announcements, forward or send the call to a different queue

Prioritization of queues

Prioritize queues to make sure the most important ones are answered first. This is effective if agents are assigned to more than one queue (for instance for multi-skilled agents).

Skill-based routing

Ensure customers get matched with the right agents. Each agent can be assigned to any number of queues, and our advanced routing and IVR makes sure you can land customers in exactly the right queue with the agent they need. How advanced and detailed you choose to be is entirely up to you. Now go ace those first-contact-resolutions!

Advanced forwarding rules

Incorporate call forwarding into your call flows, create forwarding sequences or call a list of numbers at the same time - or just one. You can base forwarding on time-outs to forward the call to someone else if the phone isn't picked up after a time frame that you select.

Opening hours

Include opening hours for each channel to better set customer expectations. Implement auto-replies for email, announcements for phone and contact forms for chat when customers reach out outside of opening hours to enhance your customer experience.


Use the same number for different queues in your call flow. Customize call flows with specific opening hours, voicemails, announcements and more.

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