A mobile optimized live chat solution for your website with advanced routing. Experience chat.

Forward chat

Forward a chat or contact form conversation to an external email adress.

Customizable chat widget

Choose color for your chat widget, its placement on your webpages and when to hide it. Placement options are: Left, right, bottom left, bottom right.

Rich media messages

Format your text as you want it to look combined with images-upload, this is the step to make chat even more fun and engaging!

Quick responses

Don’t waste your time writing the same replies over and over again, save your most used replies and insert them instantly into any response.

Chat transfer

If you are busy, unable to answer the question or your colleague is a specialist in a particular field, you can transfer your conversation to another agent. Remember to attach notes to let your colleague know what the customer wants.

Easy setup

When you're done customizing your widget, we autogenerate a script for you to copy and paste into the html of each webpage you want the widget to appear on. Simple and easy, no coding needed.

More than one widget

For those who need to have different agents answer chats from different pages of your website, we enable you to create several widgets. Simply copy the code for each to the page you need that specific widget to appear on. And remember to assign each widget to the correct queue and likewise with the agents.

Concurrent chats

You can have up to five concurrent chats per agent.

Unlimited chat agents

You can create any number of agents to answer chats free of charge. Similarly, any agent not in a telephony or email queue is free and can have chats transferred to them. This is helpful for employees who aren't a part of your frontline customer service except in the case of escalation or forwarding to a specialist.

Hide options

Nothing's worse where chat customer service is concerned than making your customer click the widget and then nothing much happens. So you get to decide exactly when to hide the widget. We recommend doing it based on agent availability, but hey, it's up to you.

Chat history

See prior chats and conversations with the customer when you accept a new chat. And you can access chat history at any time. Use it for reference, and to find conversations handled by certain agents or see the entire history of one customer.

URL triggers

Use the URL visitors are on when they initiate a chat to decide which widget they see. This is especially helpful to route certain types of conversations to certain employees as well as use different messages in your widgets.

Contact form

Employ a contact form for visitors to reach you when you are not online. Please note that you'll need to set up email in order to receive the messages your customers send.

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