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Compose email

Compose an email from Dixa with attachments and tags. With our SPF support you can even send them from your domain.

Forward email

Forward an email, chat or contact form conversation to an external email adress.

Custom signatures

Add a custom signatures with rich media to your email integrations.

Reply to email

Reply to customer emails.

Claim conversation

As an administator, you can can claim, reply to and transfer email conversations,

Email attachments

Attach files both ways in an email conversation and retrieve the file at any time by accessing the conversation later on.

Forward email to Dixa

Choose which email addresses to use for specific queues to be able to assign agents with the right skills to each. Just forward you company emails to Dixa.

Rich media messages

Format your text as you want it to look, add one or more files and insert images. This is the step to make email even more fun and engaging!

Auto replies

Send auto replies to customers once they contact you. This greatly helps manage expectations and can also be used to increase self-service.

Quick responses

Don’t waste your time writing the same replies over and over again, save your most used replies and insert them instantly into any response.

Email transfer

As with any kind of conversation, once assigned to an agent, that agent can transfer an email to other colleagues.

First-in, first-out distribution

Do your agents spend a lot of time cherry picking emails? We run first-in, first-out distribution for all kinds of conversations, email included. We've found that in the long term, this benefits your customers as each agent improves their skill and also don't waste time going through email inboxes. If an agent is unable to answer an email they can simply transfer it to a colleague. Finally, agents should only be part of queues that receive emails in their area of expertise.

SPF support

Send emails from your own domain (ie. from Dixa.

Trigger-based messages

Create time-based triggers to automatically send emails to customers. For instance to let customers, who've had to wait longer than they would expect or would normally do, know that you haven't forgotten them.

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