Reporting & analytics

Set service levels and alerts

You can set different service levels and alerts for each queue. We've included alerts to let you know when 1) current longest wait time exceeds your threshold, 2) a minimum of available agents online in a queue is reached and 3) when a maximum number of conversations are waiting in a queue.

Real-time queue performance overview

See how all your queues are doing in one view. Track average response time, service levels, handling time as well as longest wait time.


Use one-click to get a full-screen dashboard with real-time data (for the day) for a queue.

Historical data through analytics module

Select date range and get historical performance data for each queue with graphs to accompany it.

Conversation list w. filters

Get a full list of conversations and filter the information using filters for either customer, agent or team. Combine it with search to get exactly what you need.

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