Social media & instant messaging

Feature in development

Facebook Messenger

Treat Facebook Messenger like any other conversation; assign agents, set service levels and even support multiple Facebook profiles at a time.


Conversations on Facebook from customers usually start on your company's Facebook Page and not in Facebook Messenger. To enable you to support your customers in the best way possible, as well as maintain your public image, we plan to add Facebook Pages to Dixa. Set service levels, alarms, assign agents and you're good to go.


Customers increasingly expect to be heard on social media, and that goes for Twitter too. Just like Facebook, we plan to add Twitter to your range of customer service capabilities.


Perhaps further into the future than the other social media platforms, we do want to add customer service for your LinkedIn page as well. If you have a special interest in this, let us know by signing up for news on LinkedIn specifically.

Review sites (Trustpilot upā€ˆfirst)

One of the most hurtful things is to receive bad, public reviews. This almost always comes from a bad customer experience, and people will look to how your brand reacts when that happens. That's why we're adding customer service for review sites. Get alarms when you get a bad rating or review and react accordingly. Or simply have reviews offered to a customer service agent, distributed in the same way that other conversations are, with you deciding which agents can answer these kinds of conversations. For now, we plan to add Trustpilot as the first review site. If there are others you are interested in, please let us know.


As with other social media platforms, YouTube is a very public place for a brand and you'll often find yourself in the line of fire. We enable you to show up to engage with customers and help them out if needed.


Customer service does take place on Instagram, especially the proactive kind. We enable you to show up and be there for customers if they need you.

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