Team management

Agent prioritization

Set prorities for each agent for each queue.

Agent profile with image

Complete contact info for each agent as well as an image that can be used externally, for instance in chats. Remember to smile! :-)

Agent roles

Changing agent roles is easy. Just like any other change, it happens on the fly. So if you find yourself in need of one more administrator, you can easily change the role of an agent.

Queues for different teams

Do you have multiple teams? No problem! You can create different queues, for example Sales and Support, with different phone numbers and agents assigned. Our call flow editor and IVR makes sure customers are routed to the correct queue.

Set and see presence

You can see the presence of your colleagues as well as their queue status and whether or not they have simultaneous ringing activated. You can set your own presence for each channel. If you don't respond to an offered conversation, your status is automatically changed to 'away'.

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