Improve your CX with actionable insights from Cx Moments & Dixa

Drive CX improvements across the business by automatically categorizing your support conversations, analyzing sentiment, and detecting and actioning trends.

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Optimize team performance

Find and fix recurring customer issues that take up agents’ time. Identify where agents are challenged and who your top performers are so you can coach them and encourage excellent results.

Increase revenue & decrease costs

Detect revenue issues in real time (such as problems with discount codes, shopping carts or payment pages). Identify self-service opportunities in recurring customer queries and reduce costs.

Leverage your Dixa conversations to generate instant and actionable insights across your business

Gain instant insights

Focus on the issues that matter most to your customers. Use Cx Moments to analyze your conversations in Dixa and discover the true volume and trend of your customer queries, allowing you to make better decisions, faster.

Scale your CX with ease

Agility is vital in order to sustainably grow your business. Rapidly identify which areas your team needs coaching in, or where your back-end processes can be optimized for more efficient service that scales.

Flag recurring issues

Segment and summarize customer conversations to highlight specific challenges across your business, and easily escalate these issues to other teams for a permanent fix.

Companies like you are already using Dixa!

Too Good To Go

"We successfully rolled out Dixa in 8 countries in just over a month. For new countries, it now only takes us a couple of days to go live."

– Andreas Sachse, COO


“After Valentine's Day it usually takes one week to clear the backlog. With Dixa, it only took two days.”

– Iman Safari,
Customer Service Manager


"The first month we implemented Dixa our average response time on email was cut down by 25.5 hours (roughly 85%). Dixa has been a game changer for us."

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