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Save Time

Avoid wasting time switching between systems and looking up customer information by displaying your data in one support system. Cut down on clicks and training time through an intuitive interface designed for your support needs.

Deliver Exceptional Support

Know your customers from the second they reach out with our custom integration. View customer order details & contact history while assisting customers within the interface.

Retain Customers

The number one reason customers take their business elsewhere is because of poor customer service. With our custom integration, display customer order information within Dixa to deliver quick, personal support and retain your customers.

Companies like you are already using Dixa!

“We were in the process of moving when we started looking for a new solution. The fact that Dixa had no starting costs and could grow with us was important. Also, no other cloud-based VoIP solution could handle chat and email too!"

– Peter Howarth, Technical Director
“Our previous hardware-based phone server had reached its end-of-life. With Dixa we got a much more flexible solution with service agreements and no maintenance required. We also have customer service departments located in Denmark, the United Kingdom and Perú. With Dixa we are able to access the platform from anywhere and still get one comprehensive overview of all our customer contacts and agent performance.”
“One of the most important things for us is that our customer service reps have a good working experience. We also need to make sure that our customer service platform is future proof and it seems like Dixa is the right choice for us for both.”

– Iman Safari, Head of Subscribers
“We were looking for virtual call center software that could run in a browser and be used by both remote and on-site agents. Dixa gives us this ability and we don’t need any IT consultant to maintain anything. Also, Dixa could port our existing number and had a built-in CRM. With everything in one system, we no longer need any other help desk software.”

– Susan Emmons, Customer Service Manager
Proshop struggled with scalability and had different teams and software for each channel, making it hard to move around agents when needed. Proshop also needed a sophisticated chat solution where they could route chats to queues for each of their departments. With Dixa’s ability to scale with ease, support multi-skilled agents and utilize context based routing, Proshop has been able to handle peak times and deliver a better customer experience overall.

Channels & key features

Modernize your customer service with features that save time and enhance your customer experience.


  • Numbers in 60+ countries
  • VoIP
  • Automated Call Distribution
  • Callback
  • Call Recording


  • Automatic routing to agents
  • Quick Response
  • Auto Replies
  • Use Company Email Addresses
  • Custom Signatures


  • Skill Based Routing
  • Quick Response
  • Rich Media Messages
  • Offline Contact Form
  • Set Online Hours (opening hours)

Cross-channel features

Multichannel support shouldn’t be complicated. Utilize key features across all channels to provide channel neutral support.

Intelligent Routing

Utilize skill based routing to connect customers with the right agents and achieve first contact resolution.

Contact Recognition

Recognize your customers based on their phone number or email address and view customer data instantly upon opening a conversation.

SLAs & Analytics

Track your team’s performance with realtime analytics and display daily stats on a TV.

Prioritize Queues

Offer agents conversations from queues with the highest priority first to better manage busy times and specific customer inquiries.

Transfer Conversations

Transfer any conversation, whether it’s a call, email, or chat to another agent in seconds and add internal notes for more context.

Notes & Tags

Summarize and categorize conversations by adding notes and tags to any conversation across all channels.

Affordable & Scalable

Flexible Pricing

Only pay for what you need and scale up or down without additional costs.

No Upkeep

Save your IT department time and $$ with no maintenance required.

Global Scaling

Handle peak seasons and grow your business around the world with available phone numbers from over 60 different countries.

How to get started

Getting started with Dixa is simple, especially since there is no installation required.

Easy sign up

First, we recommend signing up for a free trial to test the platform for yourself!

Fast setup

Upon accessing your trial account, you will be taken through an onboarding guide that will give you a brief overview how Dixa works. The onboarding guide will also take you to a point where you can start testing calls and emails within Dixa.

Get help

If you decide Dixa is a good fit for you, we offer assistance along the way and are always here to help! Our team will even make sure your Go Live date is a success with members ready to assist you at any time.

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