Deliver omnichannel service with Magento data

Deliver effortless customer support across voice, email, chat & messaging from one interface that runs in your browser

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Be available

Never miss a customer by replying to messages alongside live chats, emails and calls from one unified platform.

Create friendships

Have personal conversations with customers by making it easy for them to reach you the same way they would a friend.

See customer data the second
customers contact you

Save clicks, save time

Avoid wasting time switching between systems to look up customer information and view all relevant customer data in Dixa. Cut down on clicks and training time with an easy-to-use interface designed for your support needs.

Deliver exceptional support

Know your customers from the second they reach out based on their email or phone number. Instantly display customer order details, tracking information and contact history to better assist customers.

Create long-term relationships

The number one reason customers take their business elsewhere is because of poor customer service. By unifying your customer service systems, agents have the tools to deliver quick, personal support, creating loyal customers.

Add live chat and increase conversion rates

Customers who engage in live chat are 4X more likely to convert to paying customers!

Live chatters also increase their basket size by 25% after chatting.

Provide your customers with a convenient way to get answers fast and increase sales.

Offer a better shopping experience
with minimal effort

Customize your chat widget to match your website and branding.

Set business hours for your widget and enable a contact form when no agents are available.

Utilize the menu feature to route chats to the right agents based on the customer’s need.

Channels & key features

Consolidate your customer service channels in one screen.


  • Numbers in 160+ countries
  • VoIP
  • Automated Call Distribution
  • Callback
  • Call Recording


  • Automatic routing to agents
  • Quick Response
  • Auto Replies
  • Use Company Email Addresses
  • Custom Signatures


  • Skill Based Routing
  • Quick Response
  • Rich Media Messages
  • Offline Contact Form
  • Set Online Hours


  • Transfer to agent or queue
  • Automatic routing
  • Quick Response
  • Follow-up
  • Tags

Cross-channel features

Talking to customers shouldn’t be complicated.
Utilize key cross-channels features to provide seamless customer service.

Intelligent Routing

Utilize advanced routing to connect customers with the right agents right away based on skills, queue priorities and more.

Contact Recognition

Recognize your customers instantly and view relevant customer data when starting each new conversation.

Performance Reporting

Track your team’s performance with real-time analytics and display daily stats on a TV across all channels.

Prioritize Queues

Make sure your most important customers are answered first. Set agent and queue priorities to better manage busy times.


Utilizing transfer features, write internal notes and have side conversations to tackle complex issues as a team.

Notes & Tags

Summarize and categorize conversations by adding notes and tags to any conversation across all channels.
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Flexible & Scalable


Add and remove channels or agents at any time within the interface. Only pay for what you need and scale up or down without additional costs.


Access the platform from a browser window and never worry about maintaining your software - we do it for you!

Future proof

Prepare for the future by collecting all your data in one place and save $$ with no software maintenance required.

Companies like you are already using Dixa!

Too Good To Go

"We successfully rolled out Dixa in 8 countries in just over a month. For new countries, it now only takes us a couple of days to go live."

– Andreas Sachse, COO


“After Valentine's Day it usually takes one week to clear the backlog. With Dixa, it only took two days.”

– Iman Safari,
Customer Service Manager


"The first month we implemented Dixa our average response time on email was cut down by 25.5 hours (roughly 85%). Dixa has been a game changer for us."

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