Dixa for iOS

Brings the Dixa customer service platform to your iPhone for free.

Respond to customers
Detailed conversation info
Set your presence
Get real-time notifications
Email customers

Customer service on the move

The Dixa iPhone app is for customer service agents on the move.
The app is free and requires a Dixa account to work. Get the app from the App Store.

Conversations just like on desktop

We basically supply the app for free to make sure you never have to miss a customer if you want to.

Everything in the app, from live chatting with a customer to changing which channels you want to answer conversations on, works in exactly the same way as the browser-based version of Dixa that you already know. As an agent you’ll partake in the same queues as usual with the same prioritization. And opening hours still apply, so the app won’t offer conversations and send notifications if people contact your business outside opening hours.

Detailed conversation info

See detailed information on your conversations, such as which webpage the customer is on, which device and software they’re using, where they’re from and what previous conversations were about (if tags or notes have been added to it). Don’t forget to tag conversations yourself, so you can learn from all your customers through analytics.

Set your presence on the fly

You can change your availability on all channels from your phone at any time. Just here to answer a specific email? No problem. Don’t want to receive calls right now? Just turn off simultaneous ringing. You’re in complete control.

Get notified when you’re needed

No need to have the app open with you staring at the screen all the time: You only receive notifications when a conversation is offered to you and when a customer sends you a message in an already open conversation. We really want to ensure that notifications are actually useful and you won’t get notification overload when having our app installed.

Email & chat

Respond to your customers directly in the app on both email and chat, just like you normally would. You’ll still benefit from all the underlying functionality of Dixa, including our automatic CRM and contact recognition so you know who you’ll be talking to before you accept a conversation.

Receive calls on your mobile phone too!

Just set up simultaneous ringing to turn calls for your mobile phone on/off at any time while in the app. When using simultaneous ringing and the Dixa app you’ll still be assigned to the same queues with the same priority (if you make use of agent priority) as you normally would, and both your Dixa browser and your mobile phone will ring at the same time.

Please note that, for now, calls are simply forwarded to your phone from Dixa and are not VoIP calls. In time we might add full VoIP functionality for the app.

More Features

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