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Tue Søttrup
January 1, 2017

Release Notes - December 2016

What a month! Lot's of stuff here, let's get started.

We're now open for online business!

  • Enabled sign-up for new customers with a free trial and forever free chat to go along with it!

Chat improvements:

  • Improved chat widget interface
  • Added customer and agent name to chat widget
  • Added rating of chat session after chat has ended
  • Added waiting graphic when looking for available agent in chat widget
  • Chat now starts conversation when customer has sent the first message

Various improvements:

  • Fixed mute button to always show correct status
  • Improved color scheme for active buttons in dialer
  • Once again improved CRM design for better overview of contacts
  • Released just last month, we've improved our Billing page design
  • Added in-app support page with video guides and walkthroughs as well as a 'Get Started' tour

We've also started work on a new website that we'll be launching in January 2017.

Tue Søttrup
December 1, 2016

Release Notes - November 2016

First release notes ever! We'll be doing these at least every month going onwards and we'll probably be experimenting a bit with format and amount of info along the way. But for now, with no further ado, here's the new stuff:

  • Added historical data for queues (Analytics tab in Settings)
  • Added Billing page
  • Added full-screen Dashboard for a single queue - now you can get that beautiful, big wall display humming with real-time data
  • Added search functionality across contacts, phone numbers and e-mail addresses
  • Improved CRM functionality to better give an overview of all your contacts and their info

We're very excited about December where we'll add the ability to sign-up directly on our website. Fingers crossed and, hopefully, much more to come :-)

Tue Søttrup
January 3, 2018

Release Notes - December 2017

Last month we deployed several new features and said goodbye to a fantastic 2017. Here's a big thank you for making it even more awesome!

Tue Søttrup
December 5, 2017

Release Notes - November 2017

Product updates for November include our new Shopify integration, in-app and online support article experience and loads more.

Tue Søttrup
November 1, 2017

Release Notes - October 2017

Product updates for October include our new callback action, many new languages and loads more.

Tue Søttrup
October 1, 2017

Release Notes - September 2017

Loads of additions to email, redesigned settings and better integration options.

Tue Søttrup
September 1, 2017

Release Notes - August 2017

Dixa app for iOS, Custom Card integration, Mark for follow up, Dashboard updated and more summer goodies.

Tue Søttrup
August 1, 2017

Release Notes - July 2017

Compose email, add name to phone number, new channel status icons, updated phone dialer design and much more.

Tue Søttrup
July 1, 2017

Release Notes - June 2017

Export your data as CSV, queue timeout actions for calls and our first integration!

Tue Søttrup
June 1, 2017

Release Notes - May 2017

New: Prioritize between queues and agents, transfer to queues, listen in/barge in and tags.

Tue Søttrup
May 1, 2017

Release Notes - April 2017

Call recording, contact forms and massive chat changes.

Tue Søttrup
April 1, 2017

Release Notes - March 2017

Email is live in a beta version! Also, set caller ID and claim conversations.

Tue Søttrup
March 1, 2017

Release Notes - February 2017

Better in-app support, area code phone numbers, easier setup, and more call and collaboration functionality.

Tue Søttrup
February 1, 2017

Release Notes - January 2017

Added internal calls and team list improvements. Stay tuned for news on email!

Tue Søttrup
February 5, 2018

Release Notes - January 2018

January brought an interface redesign and a new conversation list with easier preview option for email and chat. Read the full notes here.