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Christian Colding
November 26, 2018

Product Preview: Facebook Messenger

Coming Soon!

💬 We’re adding a new channel!

We are excited to announce that Dixa will soon welcome a new friend to the platform, Facebook Messenger! Your customers are already connecting with each other on Facebook Messenger every day, so why not chat with them there too?

With the addition of Facebook Messenger, Dixa will give businesses of all types the opportunity to connect with customers more easily by communicating with them on a channel they’re already used to. With this new opportunity, Dixa can also further assist you in establishing stronger bonds with your customers by facilitating more effortless communication.

Here’s a sneak peek into the kind of experience you can expect in Dixa…

🔀 Responding to Facebook messages in Dixa

Facebook Messenger will work the same as every other channel in Dixa, ensuring a channel neutral experience.

All messages received in your Facebook Messenger inbox will be offered to available agents assigned to the queue in Dixa. This includes messages customers send through your Facebook page, Facebook Messenger widget on your website and messages sent directly through the Facebook Messenger app. Agents can either accept or reject conversations and respond from Dixa.

Facebook messages can be filtered by channel or queue and will be mixed into your Conversations Overview, just like an email, chat or call. All of the same features will be available for responding to Facebook messages such as notes, tags, transfer, follow-up and more.

By offering support via Facebook Messenger, you can provide your customers with the opportunity to get real-time assistance on a communication channel they already love.

We hope you are as excited as we are to experience Facebook Messenger in Dixa!

👋 New Customers

As we are adding new functionality to Dixa for Facebook Messenger, we will be reviewing our pricing to be in line with the additional capabilities. This means that we expect an increase in price for all plans. Any existing customer will keep the advantageous price they have today, so join now to lock down a plan under our current pricing.

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