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Christian Colding
May 30, 2018

Product Release: Follow-Up

Customers don’t want to be forgotten. So, today we’re launching a better way for you to follow up with your customers, giving them a new feeling of being prioritized.

A new way to follow up

It’s always best if you can solve your customer’s problem immediately, but sometimes that’s not possible. For example, if you need to do further research or need to contact a 3rd party to resolve your customer’s inquiry, you will need to follow up with your customer at a later point in time.

When you promise a customer that you will follow up with them, they expect you to keep that promise. With today’s release, we’re making it easier for you to keep that promise by releasing a new follow-up feature.

How it works

Say goodbye to post-it notes! Now, when you’re in a conversation that requires more work, you can properly keep track of it in Dixa by clicking the “Mark as follow-up” button in the right sidebar. This ensures the conversation isn’t closed. At the same time you will be asked to specify when you would like to be reminded to follow up with your customer.

Follow-up date & time selector
"Mark as follow-up" feature in Conversation View


By setting a reminder, you can make sure that you get back to your customer and avoid leaving them hanging forever. You can either choose one of the preset intervals or choose a specific time and date to be reminded.

When the time specified is reached, the conversation will be offered to your team just like any other new conversation. This ensures that even if you aren’t available, someone will still follow up with the customer.

Where to find follow-up conversations

You and your entire team can find all conversations marked as follow-up in your conversations overview by selecting the new follow-up filter:

Follow-up filter
Follow-up filter in Conversation Overview

Lastly, as long as a conversation is marked as follow-up, it won’t count towards your workload, so you can continue to work on other conversations.

What to do with existing follow-up conversations

If you already have existing conversations marked as follow-up, you will see a warning notification over the existing follow-up icon when accessing your account. You will then be prompted to mark them as follow-up again and set a reminder or simply remove them completely.

If you don’t have any current conversations marked as follow-up, the icon will no longer appear and you can begin marking new conversations as follow-up when necessary.

For further instructions on how to utilize our new feature, check out our follow-up support article.

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