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Christian Colding
September 27, 2018

Product Release: Interface updates & more

In the coming weeks, we will be rolling out an updated Dixa interface. The update includes changes to how agents specify their presence and how you handle CCs and BCCs in emails.

Updated Look and Feel 😎

We have updated the colors, fonts and icons to better match the rest of our brand. The changes bring very little in terms of functionality so you can work as you do today.


With updated look and feel:

A New Way to Manage Your Presence 🚨

After introducing the new look and feel, we will be moving presence management from the sidebar to the center of the application and further updating the look and feel.


With updated look and feel:

From six channels to three

Agents will no longer specify their presence on six different channels, but instead on three.

The channels now focus on how the agent is going to interact with conversations. Whether the conversation comes in as an Email or a Contact Form, the agent will still be replying to it as an email. If the conversation is a Voicemail or Callback, the agent has to talk to the customer on the phone.

This means that Callbacks and Voicemails will be offered to anyone who has Phone enabled and Contact Forms will be offered to anyone who has Email enabled.

On the overview and in analytics you will still see whether conversations are Phone, Chat, Email, Voicemail, Callback or Contact Form. This is only a change to how agents enable their presence.

It's faster too

In addition to the presence management moving from the sidebar to the center of the interface, you can now enable and disable channels by clicking directly on the icons. This is to give presence the focus we believe it deserves, as this is a feature every single agent interacts with several times a day.

CCs & BCCs in Email 📮

Receiving emails with CCs

When you receive an email in Dixa which has also been sent to CC addresses, you can now see this in the CC/BCC pill next to the message author:

This allows you to easily see what other email addresses the email was sent to.

Sending emails with CCs & BCCs

When replying to an existing email or composing a new one, you can now add CCs and BCCs to each reply by clicking the +Cc and +Bcc buttons.

From here you can also remove any CCs or BCCs.

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