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Tue Søttrup
May 1, 2017

Release Notes - April 2017

April came and went, and we've made fantastic progress on especially call and chat features. We'll get right to it, since a lot of you have been asking for this first one:

Call recording

You can now record calls and play them back later whenever you wish! Here's a quick guide on setting it up.

Chat changes

Chat settings have been replaced with a chat flow. With this flow comes a lot of new functionality:

  • Employ contact forms.
  • Use URL triggers to serve different widgets depending on which URL a visitor is at when he or she initiates a chat.
  • Build much more advanced flows with several widgets and queues for a much better customer experience.

We've made a guide on chat flows too.

Contact forms

A completely new feature, you can now make sure website visitors can always leave you a message, even when you're not online. You control the text in the contact form, and any messages received are served as conversations to the queue you designate (as soon as an agent becomes available).

Outbound call functionality

We've had some customers request a more "standard" experience when dialling out, so outbound calls now have a dial tone and if the call is rejected the agent is presented with either a failed or a busy dial tone.

We take all feedback very seriously, and small things like this one as well as call recording are good examples of improvements we can implement fairly quickly. So if you have anything at all that you'd wish Dixa could do differently, please contact us.

Billing system

We've completed a revamp of our billing system, which will give customers a much better experience when entering credit cards and receiving invoices.

Upcoming features

Last month we teased something that we're (still) very excited about, and now that we're getting closer to an unveiling, we might as well tell you what all the fuss is about: Dixa's very own mobile app! From this app you'll be able to change presence as well as answer chat and email conversations. Since you can already transfer calls to your mobile phone using simultaneous ringing, soon you'll have a pocket-sized Dixa!

We're also working on:

  • Custom Cards: We're working on a feature that let's you show data from your own systems, be they e-commerce, CRM or billing, directly in the Dixa interface. We know that getting the right information in front of agents is really important, and this will complement all the other customer specific data to bring you all the information you need.
  • Tags: Tag conversations with any information you want in a free-tagging structure. We absolutely recommend using this to categorize your customer enquiries.
  • Quick Responses: Use Quick Responses as templates for standard replies to work more efficiently and ensure customers get the right information.
  • Queue and agent prioritization: Assign different priorities to queues and agents to more consistently allow the right agents to answer your most important enquiries first.
  • Heaps of improvements to email: Including one we mentioned last month that is almost done; attachments.

Stay tuned for more news next month!

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