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Christian Colding
May 2, 2018

Release Notes - April 2018

We made some exciting enhancements to the platform last month, which we hope you enjoy!

Custom Wait Music

You can now choose your own tunes to entertain customers while they are in queue! To add custom wait music, open your existing call flows > click edit on each queue action > click “enable” under the custom wait music field > and choose or upload a new audio file.

View Original Emails

You can now see exactly how each email from a customer looks, including formatting, images, links and all. When viewing an email, simply click on the menu icon on the right, which will allow you to select the “View original email” button to view the original contents of each email.

View original email feature

Additionally, we have improved the way we handle incoming emails so they are rendered more accurately in the conversation view. Technically, we now convert the HTML to markdown for a more consistent agent experience across all text based channels.

Default Outbound Number: Agents

Agents can now set their own default outbound phone number, which will override the organization’s default phone number. To change your default outbound phone number go to Settings > Profile > Select default number and choose from any of your organization’s numbers.

Agent default number feature

Improvements to Call Quality

Our engineering team has been working overtime with our phone provider for the last several weeks to reduce the latency some of you have experienced on certain calls recently. This has mostly affected outbound calls and we apologize to those of you affected for the inconvenience. The issue has been resolved due to some core changes on our operator’s end and we should now see a significant improvement on latency for both inbound and outbound calls.

Additional Improvements:

  • Callbacks are now disabled if there is a “queue timeout action” in the queue that callbacks are sent to.
  • When making blind or assisted transfers, the country code is automatically selected based on the outbound phone number.
  • Inline notifications are now shown on top when a conversation is open, making them easier to see.

Spell Check

Spell check has been added to the desktop app with a default language of en-US. On MaxOS the spell check language is detected while typing. On Windows the spell check language changes based on the previous messages in a conversation.

  • For example, if the previous message is in German, the spell check language is changed to German.

This way the spell check language can adapt automatically when navigating between conversations.


This feature is simply to allow customers with a lot of chat widgets or phone numbers to see all of them.

  • Pagination has been added to the chat widget page.
  • Pagination has been added to phone numbers in the call flow editor.

We Squashed a Few Bugs:

  • Issue with timeouts being calculated incorrectly has been fixed.
  • Issue with search has been resolved.
  • Transcripts for chat and email conversations are being sent from the SPF address again.
  • Same user conflict issue fixed: When an administrator wants to add a new user, but the email or phone number is being used by another user, it’s now possible to load the other conflicting user in the add user dialogue.

In the Works:

  • Email flow editor
  • Improved “Follow-up” with snooze option

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