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Tue Søttrup
September 1, 2017

Release Notes - August 2017

We didn’t expect much to happen in August on the development side due to our summer holidays, but we’ve made more headway than anticipated. We released the Dixa mobile app for iOS that we’ve been talking about for months already (wohoo!), added Custom Card integrations, ‘Mark for follow up’ functionality and a lot more that you can read about below.

Dixa app for iOS

We are proud to announce the release of the Dixa app for iOS! We’ve been working hard and hope you’ll find the app just as helpful as we’ve aimed for. With our first release we offer the following features:

  • Conversations just like on desktop for email and chat

  • Detailed conversation info

  • Set your presence on the fly

  • Get notified when you’re needed
  • Add tags & notes

You can read more about the app, and download it from the App Store (it’s free).

More features coming in 2017:

  • In-app voice (answer calls, transfer calls and make outgoing calls)
  • Transfer conversations
  • Universal search in contacts and conversations
  • Edit contacts

Custom Card integration

One of our most requested features has been released and is already used daily by several of our customers. Custom Cards allow you to display customer information from external sources right in the Conversation View in Dixa (in the right side column). For instance, this allows you to show the customer’s latest purchase, order status, balance and more - basically anything you want. You can look up this information by the customer’s phone number or email. All you need to do is add some code.

We’ve made this guide to get you started with Custom Cards.

Mark conversation for follow up

Now you can save conversations that you need to follow up on later. Check it out.

Dashboard updated

Based on feedback from all of you, we’ve made several changes to the Dashboard. This applies both to the Dashboard list and to TV Mode:

  • Previously, any call that was transferred would show up as transferred but not answered. This has been corrected, and automatically transferred calls have been renamed to Timeouts (referring to Queue timeouts, not to be confused with Offer timeout that we’ve just added).

  • In queue and Total calls have been rearranged. 

  • Colors have been updated.

  • Service Level has been added to TV Mode.

Offer timeout

You can now set an offer timeout for each queue. The offer timeout is the length of time within agents have to accept a conversation before their status is set to Away.

New offer algorithm

“Longest idle, according to agent priority” offer algorithm added. When using agent prioritization you can now have the offer go to the agent who has been waiting the longest since the last conversation was closed.

Day for start of week now differs based on location

In the Chat and Call Flow Editors, the week of Opening Hours now starts with Sunday instead of Monday for US users.

New icons

We have added icons for internal calls, inbound and outbound emails, callbacks and filter function.

Improved text-to-speech

We run text to speech for automatic queue announcements (such as place in queue). These now have much better quality, and we’ll be working on adding more supported languages.

More actions in the conversation list

We’ve added the following actions to the conversation list: ” Transfer to queue” and “Close conversation”. Just click on Actions at the far right in the conversation’s row.

More information in the conversation export

Chat rating, feedback, transfer information, and duration has been added to conversation export.

Bugfix: After Conversation Worktime

Sometimes After Conversation Worktime would bug, causing agents to get stuck. We’ve fixed that. Sorry!

Download invoices

All invoices can now be downloaded from Settings > Billing.

What we are working on

In September we’ll give our email channel some more love by working on:

  • Customer signatures
  • Auto-reply
  • Quick Responses
  • Rich Text Editor
  • Forward email to an external address

We will also do some work on improving After Conversation Worktime, put the finishing touches on callback functionality for phone calls, and make it possible to reply to a contact form by email.

We look forward to sharing more new features with you next month :-)

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