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Tue Søttrup
January 3, 2018

Release Notes - December 2017

Native Desktop App

Windows & Mac

We have released a beta version of our native desktop app for Windows and macOS. With the desktop app you get:

  • Support of Kuando Busylight
  • Better notifications for conversation offers
  • Improved performance
  • A working experience without the distraction of other open tabs

You don't have to worry about installing the latest version as the app updates automatically.

Dixa agent desktop app

Outbound Call Recording

Record and replay any call, whether it be inbound or outbound, to monitor employee performance or reference previous customer conversations. Enable or disable this feature at any time through Settings > Phone > Edit number > Outbound call recording.

Outbound call recording in dixa

Conversation Overview Now Updates in Real-time

The conversation overview is now updated dynamically in real-time so you can always see what your team is working on and which customers are waiting in queue without having to refresh. Awesome, right?!

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • "Away" status notifications have been improved to make it clearer when your status changes.
  • Pagination has been added to open conversations and the phone numbers page.
  • Poor call quality messages now appear when an agent experiences a bad local network connection that can affect call quality.
  • Email subjects are now displayed in the conversations overview.
  • Reopened emails are now queued according to reopen timestamp.
  • Shopify Templates have been improved.
  • Filters in the conversations overview (e.g. conversation type) are now remembered after navigating away and returning.
  • Dutch is now supported within the chat widget.
  • It is now possible to select a default phone number for the organization.
  • Phone number descriptions (e.g. “Main Number”) now appear in the conversation info card.
  • Fixed a bug causing the wrong agent name to be sent when an email was reopened.

In January We're Working On:

Conversation Preview: View the contents of an email or chat without having to open the conversation.

Magento Integration: Integrate with your Magento account to view customer order details within Dixa.

Support of Jabra: Use Jabra headsets in our native desktop app.

Improvements to Email: More features and enhancements to make your life easier!

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