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Tue Søttrup
March 1, 2017

Release Notes - February 2017

February was busy, really busy. Last month we said we hoped to have email ready, if the developer Gods were with us. In a way they were, in a way they weren't. Apparently we must have done something to piss off the hacker God, because we've found ourselves under attack pretty much the entire month. But no worries, we've experienced no disruptions to our service and no data breach either. Meanwhile, email is live for a select few as we're testing the final things. We're happy with how it looks so far, and now we're just squashing a few bugs before we go live. It won't be long.

These are the changes and additions we made in February:

Phone number availability

  • We now support buying numbers in a lot of new countries directly in the Dixa interface.
  • You can now get local area code numbers as well.

Transfer calls to external numbers

  • Blind transfer of incoming calls to an external number.
  • Assisted transfer of incoming calls to an external number.

In-app support

  • We've added a new, searchable support-section with Release Notes, Guides and FAQs.

Easier first-time setup

  • When a new account is created a default queue and a default chat widget is also created.
  • Upon adding a new phone number, we automatically add a call flow to the default queue.


We're still trying to make it easy to collaborate, so we're following up on last month's improvements to the team overview with a few more additions:

  • You can now choose to go directly to a team member’s open conversations by clicking on the team member's name.
  • Improved graphics for internal calls and team member status for each channel.

Usability improvements and bug fixes

  • ‍Fixed issue with queue thresholds not always saving when save was clicked.
  • ‍Fixed issue with "Save" and "Cancel" button flowing on the queue and user pop-ups on some computers.
  • ‍Fixed bug with offer algorithm.
  • Fixed a bug with number of available agents in Dashboard.
  • ‍Fixed bug with voicemail not working if caller was anonymous/not showing caller-ID.
  • Added warning when exiting chat widget without saving.
  • Several fixes to Internal transfer, Blind transfer and Assisted transfer.
  • Several, small style fixes and changes.

Sit tight for email news in the coming week or so. While you wait, why not head over to our new Customer Experience blog?

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