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Tue Søttrup
March 6, 2018

Release Notes - February 2018

Last month proved to be a busy but successful month here at Dixa as we settled in to our new office in Copenhagen and launched our latest integration, Magento 1!

Magento 1 Integration

Our Magento 1 integration has been launched and is now being used by several Dixa users. Please contact us should you want to set up this integration and we would be happy to help!

Additional e-commerce integration enhancements

  • Conversation load time: Loading conversations is a lot faster when using our integrations now. We have done this by loading integration information after the conversation has been loaded. This also ensures the conversation is loaded when the integration service is not available.
  • Customer order history: For Shopify and Magento integration users, the last three orders are now shown by default instead of a customer's complete order history. To view all customer orders, simply click the "view more" button.

Example of our Magento customer service integration

Enjoy CC & BCC When Composing Email

We have added the ability to include CC & BCC email addresses when composing emails within Dixa and when sending transcripts.

We have also made several additional improvements to enhance your experience using email within Dixa, which we have listed below:

  • The content of email replies is no longer centered.
  • The font size of email replies has been changed to match other font sizes.
  • Rich text editor has been added to "send transcript" and now supports bold, links, italics, etc.
  • Custom signatures are included when using the send transcript feature.
  • Send transcript now includes sender name and the content is left-aligned instead of centred.
  • When using a quick response, it’s no longer a block of text but instead plain text that can be edited right after it has been inserted.

New Offer Notifications

You have probably already noticed, but we have optimized our notifications to better match the rest of the interface. You will also now hear a sound notification for all offers, not just telephony. Lastly, if you receive the "we’re experiencing a problem” notification, you can now ensure we are aware by pressing the "send error report” button.

New notification for offers on calls, emails & chats

Personal Dashboard

Dashboards now default to only showing the queues the user is assigned to. To view all queues, simply select "All Queues" instead of "My Queues" on the top left corner of the interface.

We Squashed a Few Bugs:

  • Fixed an issue with Opening Hours in Call Flow and Chat Flows not starting on Monday.
  • Fixed an issue with updating a chat widget name.
  • Improved loading of sound for a new phone call.
  • Bug with Listen in not always being muted has been resolved.
  • Double callback request have been eliminated. If an open callback request exist, the new callback request from the same customer will be closed when the customer hangs up.

Additional Improvements:

  • IVR menu is now repeated to callers if no entry is registered.
  • Chat widget name has been moved from “setup” to “edit flow” for better consistency.

In the Works:

  • Pending status for conversations
  • Custom wait music
  • Jabra headset integration

And Finally, Welcome Our New VP of Product

I joined Dixa at a fairly early stage where most employees had to wear several hats. Mine were both as VP of Customer Success and Product. We've now grown to the point where I've become a little too busy to do both, and so we went looking for someone to take on our product vision. That someone is Christian Colding, formerly of Zendesk, where Christian worked in a similar capacity. Christian knows the industry very well, and he has already been an asset to our team. You'll hear from him next month in these very release notes :-)

See you next month for a new round of news and more exciting features!

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