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Tue Søttrup
February 5, 2018

Release Notes - January 2018

We kicked off 2018 with the announcement of our new CEO, Mads Fosselius, and the addition of several new features to enhance the Dixa experience!

Interface Redesign

As you may have noticed, we recently updated the interface colors and design to provide a better user experience within the platform.

Conversation list

We have reformatted the conversation list view to simplify the experience and display the most important information on each conversation in a more concise manner.

Filter conversations by queue

Queue filter

Enjoy filtering by queue now in addition to the previously available filters under conversations.

Conversation preview for email & chat

Preview the contents of each conversation by clicking on the bubble icon and avoid having to open each conversation. We've received a lot of requests for easier previewing, and we will keep monitoring how this new feature is used.

Conversation preview

System Status

Get real-time updates on system disturbances and resolutions from within the platform by navigating to Help Center > System Status. You can also subscribe to receive updates via email or SMS as well from here.

New live system status and incident handling

Queue Announcements

We have now added the option to disable queue announcements when the number of customers in a queue surpasses a certain limit (which you can set). When the limit has been reached, all other callers will hear an automated announcement stating all lines are busy. You can change your announcement settings for each phone number by accessing Settings > Phone > Edit Flow > Edit Queue.

Quality of Life Improvements:

Desktop App: Our desktop app for Windows and Mac is now out of beta. The new release has a lot of improvements and will be updated automatically. Please uninstall the version you are currently using and download the final release version here.

Shopify Integration: Order Number is now shown instead of Order ID. The order link has been changed to the backend order status instead of the public order confirmation page.

Transfering Conversations: You can now transfer a conversation to a team member even when they have reached their workload limit for the channel as the workload limit is no longer checked (phone channel excluded).

Claiming Conversations: You can now claim as many conversations as you would like as the workload limit is no longer checked for the channel (phone channel excluded).

Adding team members: When adding a new team member, you now have to select the channels the team member should be able to get conversation offers from.

Simultaneous Ring: It is now possible for administrators to enable and disable simultaneous ring for team members.

Additional Improvements:

  • Timeout / transferred conversations has been added to queue analytics.
  • It is now possible to click enter to place an outbound call in the dialler.
  • Channel color is now changed when a channel is turned off.
  • New drop-down menus have been implemented in the top navigation.
  • New sort-by drop-down menu under conversations from customer.
  • Contact channel has been added to conversations list instead of customer avatar.
  • Open/closed conversation status indicator has been added to conversations list.
  • Forward conversation has been renamed to send transcript.
  • Send transcript and mark for follow-up buttons have been updated.
  • Outbound Dixa emails have been added to the conversations export.
  • Better autocomplete features are now available when composing and forwarding emails.
  • Add CC and BCC recipients when composing emails.
  • Help text in email and template settings has been improved.
  • Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Russian languages have been added to the chat widget.
  • Ripple effect has been removed on buttons.

We Squashed a Few Bugs:

  • Fixed an error with conversations not being closed when clicking close button.
  • Fixed “undefined” issue on search.
  • Call flow overview now updates when buying a new number.
  • Fixed double tag issue when sending email with tag and on conversation view.

In the Works:

  • Custom wait music
  • Magento integration (final touches)
  • Personal queues in dashboard view
  • Conversation pending status; currently a conversation's status can either be open or closed. In some cases, agents want to keep a conversation open while waiting for more information or someone else to do something. The pending status is our solution to this problem.

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