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Tue Søttrup
August 1, 2017

Release Notes - July 2017

In July we did a lot of work on the email channel, telephony channel, and on our iOS app.

Compose email

You can now compose an outgoing email in Dixa. You can even attach one or more files if you want to. If you are disturbed while composing your email you can easily save a draft. Please see our guide.

New email reply template

Our new email reply template shows the entire email thread. Now your forgetful customers can see what you wrote to them.

Add phone number name

You can now add and edit a name for your phone numbers. This name will be shown in the offer that is presented to the team members. Now you can have “Customer Service”, “Sales” and “Billing” and will know how to answer accordingly when you accept a conversation.

Phone number name in dialer

The phone number name as been added to the dialer so you can easily see what number you are calling from when making an outgoing call.

Outgoing calls during After Conversation Worktime

It is now possible to make an outgoing call during After Conversation Worktime. Thanks for your feedback regarding this issue.

Improved dialer

  • ‍New dial icon
  • The dialer has gotten a much-needed facelift and all transfer types are now available here. We know “Transfer to queue “was missing in dialer and we’re sorry about that.

Sounds added to Assisted Transfer

You can now hear the status of the call when making and Assisted transfer. Before there was just silence and that was not the best experience for our users.

New channel status icons.

Based on customer feedback we have now made it easier to see what channels you have active for incoming conversations. When a channel is turned on it is green and when it is turned off it is orange. Just as when you change your presence from Working to Away. Makes sense actually.

Transferred conversations in Dashboard

A conversation can now be In queue (orange), Answered (green), Abandoned (red) or Transferred (blue).If you are really good at math you have probably wondered why the numbers didn’t add up.

Tags and Notes

We have rearranged Tags and notes because it is quicker to add a tag than a note and they used more often by our customers.

Email button

An email button has been added to the Conversation View and to the Contacts view. Just one click and you’re already composing a new email.Remember attachment are supported when composing an email.

Dixa iOS app

We have added Conversation View, Contacts, presence indicator (Away/working), notes, tags, feedback, tracking, map, contact form and email channel to the app. It is looking very good and we almost can't wait to share it with you. As soon as it is available in the App Store we will let you know.

Next up

In August we will be releasing Custom Cards. This is a much-requested feature that allows you to make a custom integration to any system you can make an API call to and display the retrieved information right in the Conversation View. We are also working on offering callback functionality for phone calls, allow administrators to set an offer time limit and After Conversation Worktime limit for each queue, and improved After Conversation Worktime (timer, cancel and extend), Finally, we expect to put the finishing touches on Quick Responses, Custom Signatures, and auto-replies.

All the feedback we get from our users are really appreciated and we use it when prioritizing what to develop next. So please keep it coming!

We'll be back next month with a new update. Stay tuned.

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