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Tue Søttrup
July 1, 2017

Release Notes - June 2017

There’s still a lot of work going into email and our iOS mobile app, which is now being beta-tested internally.

On top of that we’ve added a couple of essential features - queue timeouts for call flows and the ability to export historical data - as well as our first integration (Podio).

Queue timeout actions

One of the most requested functions are now available: Queue timeout action. This allows you to set a time limit on queues in your call flows that, when the time limit is exceeded, starts a new action in the flow. For example, you could add an announcement, route the call to another queue, have it go to voicemail or forward the call to the boss’ phone. No more customers waiting in queues forever.

Check out our guide to set it up.


Email changes and additions

Getting all the email features you all want added quickly is one of our priorities. This month we added a few new things, and we’re working on more (see what at the bottom of the email):

  • Email attachments are now supported when receiving emails in Dixa. Attaching files to replies is coming soon. Promise!
  • You can now set a custom sender name for email (ie. “Customer Service”).
  • We have replaced the email reply template. The team member name and organization is now only shown once. We have also removed the team member image and “Powered by Dixa” in the footer.


Export your conversation data

In the Analytics section you can now export conversation data to CSV for any date range. This will give you a complete overview of all your conversions, as well as their tags, queues, notes and more. Basically all the data you could ever want.

To export your data just go to Analytics and click on Conversations in the top right corner. Then select a date range and within 15 minutes you’ll receive an email with a CSV file.

There’s a guide too :-)


Podio integration

Our first integration has been released: Podio. The integration allows you to show information from Podio in the conversation view and send information from Dixa to Podio. Read the integration guide here.


Called & dialed numbers clarified for each call (“from” and “to”)

Called number has now been added to Conversation Info (To). Now you can see both which number the customer dialed and the queue the call went to.For outbound calls the number that was called from is shown (From).


Conversation view for chat and email

We have added different colors for each participant to make it easier to follow the conversation. Such a simple solution, but it works like a charm. Take a look for yourself.


Dixa iOS app now being beta tested

We have been working hard on it and our Dixa App is now out in a beta version! For now this is an internal test. We will soon share some images from the app and invite the first customers for beta testing. Stay tuned for more.


Still working on adding more email functionality

We are still focusing on improving the email channel and the following features are almost ready: Compose email (send a new email/start a conversation), attach one or more files to email replies, Quick Responses (which will also work for chat), SPF support, auto-replies, email templates and custom signatures.

We’ve received a lot of good feedback from our customers since launching in December, and we always take it seriously. Is there something that annoys you when working with Dixa? Something that could be improved? A feature you think we’re missing? Please let us know!

That's all for now, folks.

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