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Tue Søttrup
June 1, 2017

Release Notes - May 2017

This month we've prioritized working on core features that have been in heavy demand by existing and upcoming customers. That means our mobile app was temporarily put on hold.

Speaking of priorities:

Prioritize between queues & agents + new offer algorithms

You can now select which queues are most important to you and even prioritize between agents in each queue.

  • Queue priority: Each queue can now be assigned a priority and have calls routed first to queues of highest priority. Check out the guide to get started.
  • Agent priority: Prioritize between agents in each queue to have those best suited get conversation offers first. Check out the guide.


As a result of those additions, we've also added new offer algorithms. You can now choose between:

  • All at once
  • All at once, according to agent priority
  • One at a time (random)
  • One at a time, according to agent priority
  • Longest idle (based on time passed since agents have finished their last conversation)

Note that this applies to all channels, not just phone calls, and has to be set for each queue.


Transfer to queue

Having been requested by many of our customers, you can now transfer any conversation type to a queue as well as specific agents. When transferred to a queue, the conversation takes up position as last in that queue.

To transfer a conversation to a queue, click 'Transfer conversation' and select 'Transfer to queue' from the newly added drop down list.

Listen in & join phone conversation (aka barge in)

For training purposes, admins can now both listen in on and join active phone conversations. When you first join, you join as muted so as not to disturb the ongoing conversation. Simply click 'Unmute' to participate in the call.

Tags are here

You can now add tags to conversations. Just like notes, tags can be added at any time during or after a conversation.

To start adding tags, admins can go to 'Settings -> Tags'. As soon as each tag is added, it's immediately available to agents in the conversation view.

Latency & call quality improved

Some customers have experienced latency issues during some calls, which they notice as a delay when speaking. Lots of work has gone into improving both latency and call quality. Both latency and sound quality should be improved across the board. Your feedback is important to us, so please let us know if you experience conversations with delay in sound or poor quality as this is something we want to act on immediately.

New conversation overview

We keep making improvements to the conversation overview:

  • Click anywhere on a conversation to view that conversation.
  • You now see all conversations: Inbound, outbound, internal as well as conversations that have not been accepted.
  • Added the option to filter the conversation overview by channel.
  • Added 'Action' button with navigation and filtering shortcuts to each conversation.

Simultaneous ring changes

Simultaneous ring is now on even if you're offline in Dixa (opening hours still apply, so you still won't receive calls when your business is closed). The only instance in which simultaneous ring won’t work is when you are online and your status is set to ‘away’.


  • Fixed a bug where chat conversations was sometimes not sent to the right queue and failed to start a conversation. Sorry about that. All better now.
  • Agents without a phone number can no longer activate simultaneous ring.
  • When adding a new user, ‘company’ now saves correctly.


This coming month we’ll likely be working on finishing:

  • More email features, such as attachments.
  • Agent-level performance statistics.
  • Our new ‘Custom Card’ which lets you display information from your own systems in Dixa.
  • A shiny new Podio integration.

See you next month!

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