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Tue Søttrup
December 5, 2017

Release Notes - November 2017

Last month we deployed several new features to improve the agent and customer experience including our newest Shopify integration! Read up on our latest updates below.

Shopify Integration

Our new Shopify integration is here! Connect your Shopify account in seconds by filling out your account details under Settings > Integrations > Shopify (no coding required). View customer data such as order history, tracking and more within the conversation view while assisting customers.

Shopify Integration
View customer order information within the conversation view.

New Support Article Experience

We added a bunch of new support articles and made them searchable both within the Dixa app and on our website under “Support”. We also implemented article suggestions and made Release Notes accessible through the support sidebar within the interface as well.

In-app Help Center
Explore support articles and view suggested articles within Dixa.

Send Attachments

Send any file type when replying to customers on email or chat by using the upload file button or simply drag-and-drop files into the text field. Customers will be able to download the file from conversations upon receiving.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Tag Improvements: You can now add multiple tags to a conversation at the same time and navigate using arrow keys (followed by enter) to select a tag when searching.
  • Away Notification: You will now get an alert that stays on your screen when your presence is changed to "away." This happens when a conversation times out, an offer is rejected or when you manually change your presence to "away."
  • Spell Check: Google Chrome spell checker is now supported. We're sorry we took it away, it was an accident!
  • Settings Home: We have added a thorough guide for most of the functions in Dixa under Settings > Settings Home. We hope you enjoy the guides and learn how to get the most out of all our features!
  • Conversation History: In the conversation view, your conversation history with a customer can now be sorted by open or most recent (but only if there are open conversations). The default sorting is open conversations. This makes it easier to see when there are other open conversations from the same customer.
  • Alphabetical Sorting: Language options and queues in the call flow and chat editors are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Contact Form Messages: The contact form message is now included when replying to a contact form by email.
  • Reopening Emails: Reopened emails are now queued according to the reopen timestamp.
  • Screen Compatibility: Column width for email integrations has been changed so all text can be read on larger screens.

We Squashed a Few Bugs

  • Fixed a bug when taking back an Assisted Transfer.
  • Fixed a bug with emails sent in plain text
  • Fixed a bug with options order in the Chat Menu
  • Fixed a bug with Custom Card when customers replied to an email conversation that was started in Dixa

In the Works

  • Magento integration
  • Downloadable native app for Windows and macOS, which will bring busylight support and better headset functionality
  • Outbound call recording
  • Improvements to email
  • Default phone number for organizations

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