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Christian Colding
December 3, 2018

Release Notes - November 2018

We are excited to announce that we have a new way to deliver product updates! The updates that have traditionally been described in our monthly Release Notes delivered to your inbox will now be displayed within Dixa as they occur for your convenience. If you prefer the monthly recap, have no fear! We will still post each month's Release Notes here.

πŸ‘€ What to expect:

  1. You will now see a gift icon in the upper right corner of Dixa 🎁. This is where you can find the latest product updates.
  2. Once new product updates have been posted, the icon will receive a purple notification.

*If you do not see the gift icon, refresh your browser window or desktop app and it should appear.


  1. When the icon is clicked, a window will open displaying the most recent product updates.
  2. To close the window, simply click the X (you can always reopen at a later time).
  3. Clicking on "Product Updates" at the top of the announcement will take you to our latest monthly Release Notes.



🎡 New Notification Sounds

You can now choose what sound you want for each individual channel (Email, Chat, Phone) and notifications under Settings > Profile:

We have 7 different sounds to choose from AND you can even choose no sound if you prefer silence.


🚨 Customer Presence in Chats

When agents view an open chat conversation, they can now see if the end-user is offline:

The user is offline if they closed the tab with the active chat for more than 30 seconds. If they reopen the site they will no longer be offline. On mobile browsers, the user will be offline when the website isn't being viewed.

This should help agents to know if the customer will see their replies.


πŸ”„ β€œUpdating” on Conversations

When viewing the Conversations overview you might occasionally see a little "Updating" pill on a conversation:

This means that we are currently updating our databases for this specific conversation. Once the update is completed, the pill will disappear and the conversation will either fade in or disappear depending on which filters you've chosen in the overview.


⌨️ Disabling Keyboard Shortcuts

You can now disable the keyboard shortcuts under Settings > Profile:

We added this ability after seeing a few clashes with existing keyboard shortcuts. We try to avoid this, however, there is always a chance that we could be clashing with existing keyboard shortcuts, so this gives the agent the choice to turn them off.


πŸ”Ž Filter by Assigned

You can now filter by Assigned in the Conversations overview. By clicking By assignee > Assigned you can see all conversations that are assigned to an agent:

You can as also always filter by Unassigned.


β†ͺ️ Shortcut From Dashboard to Conversation Overview

You can now click each of the queue names on the Dashboard to see the Conversations overview associated with each queue. Don't get it? Try it out by going to the Dashboard (that's the house icon) and clicking one of the queues to the left.



πŸ“¬ Email Composition: Autofill Outgoing Email Address

When you compose a new email, it will automatically select the outgoing email address you used last. This means you no longer have to specify the outgoing email address every time you write an email unless you are changing it.


🌟 Improvements

  • The collapsible sidebar is now live.
  • Clear search string when clicking X in the search bar.
  • Clear search after adding a tag on Compose email.
  • We have made the template editor bigger so you now can see more text.
  • We have added Voicemail as a sub-channel to the Voice channel, so it's now possible to set your Voicemail  presence separately from your phone presence. It’s available in the presence drop-down when you expand Voice.
  • Phone numbers are sorted with the lowest phone number first.


🐞 Squashed Bugs

  • Remove agent from queues when the role has been changed to End user.
  • You can now scroll to view outbound numbers on small screens when making outbound calls.
  • Chrome audio policy change: a notification is now shown if the agent has not interacted and a sound should be played.


πŸ”œ Coming Soon

We are excited to announce that Dixa will soon welcome a new friend to the platform, Facebook Messenger! To get a sneak peek, check out our latest Product Preview.

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