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Tue Søttrup
November 1, 2017

Release Notes - October 2017

October was a big month for us, especially with the addition of our new Callback feature! Also, we know a lot of you have been asking to be notified about new features when they arrive, and we’re currently looking into a solution for this as well. Read up on our latest updates below.

More Languages

Dixa now speaks many new languages! The following languages are now supported on voice and chat: English (US), English (British), German, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, French (only available for voice), Dutch (only available for voice), Finnish (only available for chat).

Chat Additions

  • We have added a “Menu” action in the chat flow editor that gives customers the option to choose which department they want to talk to from the start.

Department selector for chat widget
Choose the department options you would like to appear on your chat widget by adding the "Menu" action into your chat flow.

  • Our chat widget has been made more mobile friendly.
  • The chat widget id has been added to the Conversations Export.
  • Improved system notification when a new chat message is received.
  • Images sent from Dixa in chat conversations, can now be downloaded by the customer (just hover your mouse).

Voice Additions

  • Callback is ready! You can now offer your customers the option of being called back instead of waiting in the queue. Customers will keep their place in line and once it's their turn, the agent who accepts the conversation will automatically make an outbound call to the number the customer provided.

Call flow with Callback action
Implement the Callback action by editing your call flow.

  • New queue music. We know you all loved the old queue music, but we really felt it was time for a change. Enjoy the new music and we hope you will learn to love it just as much!
  • Download button had been added to conversations with call recordings and voicemail.
  • In Assisted transfer, “Step out” is now named “Complete transfer.”
  • Improvements for when you need to change the outgoing phone number.

Email Additions

  • The template subject is now inserted when composing an email and using a Quick Response.
  • It is now possible to reply to a contact form conversation by email.
  • When forwarding a conversation, it is now sent from the SPF address if available.
  • To and from email field has been added to the conversation export.
  • You can now search in your contacts when you forward a conversation to an external email.
  • Fixed copy/paste link into the rich text editor (it will no longer delete the rest of your message - oops!).

More Features & Design Updates

  • Set the maximum number of conversations an agent can have assigned to them for each channel. This is done under Settings > Organizations & Team.
  • The “My Conversations” list now shows all open conversations, but only the last five closed.
  • After Conversation Worktime 2.0 is now ready.
 After a conversation is closed you now get a counter, so you can see when your After Conversation Worktime will expire. You can also extend it and cancel it.
  • Remember you can set After Conversation Worktime length for each queue by going to Settings > Queues and editing your queue.

Custom Card Integrations

  • We have added a conversation number to the Custom Card integration web hook.
  • Size limit for Custom Card integrations increased to 5MB.

In the Works

  • E-commerce integrations (Shopify, Magento): See your customer's latest order, tracking, etc. directly in Dixa.
  • New in-app and website support pages with more in-depth guides.

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