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Christian Colding
November 2, 2018

Release Notes - October 2018

🔍 Filter Conversations on Multiple Parameters

You can now select multiple parameters when filtering in your Conversations Overview. This means that you can filter: Sales Queue + Chat + Open, for example.

We also added in the ability to filter based on direction (Inbound, Outbound or Internal) and moved the Unassigned filter option under the Assignee filter. Your own conversations can be found by filtering under the Assignee filter.

Additionally, we’re currently working on the ability to filter based on multiple filter options within a single parameter (e.g. Phone + Chat), so stay tuned!

Filtering Conversations

➡️ Transferring Closed Conversations

You can now transfer any conversation to a queue even if it has already been Closed (or is marked as Follow-up). This allows agents to act on Closed conversations that need more work.

When a Closed conversation is transferred to a queue, it becomes “Open” again and will be offered to available agents in that queue.

Conversations occurring in real-time are always prioritized over re-queued conversations when offered to agents.

Transfer to queue

✏️ Starting a New Conversation From a Closed Call or Chat

When a call or chat has been closed, agents can start a new conversation by simply clicking “Make call” or “Compose email” at the bottom of the conversation. This starts a new conversation with the customer.

reply to closed convo

☝️ Follow-up Conversations and Callbacks

We are no longer automatically converting Follow-up phone conversations to “Callbacks.” This means that when you accept an offer for a Follow-up phone conversation, it will not automatically call back the customer as it has previously done. We've also made it clearer that it's a Follow-up conversation that is being offered.

📞 Set Outbound Callback Number

You can now select which outbound callback number you prefer to call customers back from.

Go to: Call flow > Edit Callback action > Select callback outbound number.

select callback number

🔛 Collapsible Sidebar [Coming Soon]

In the next couple weeks, we will be rolling out a collapse feature for the left sidebar (that's the purple one) giving you more space to focus on the important stuff. Collapsing and expanding the sidebar can be achieved by hovering over the right side of the sidebar and clicking.

Collapsible Sidebar

Your team list will be hidden once the sidebar has been collapsed, but clicking the team icon at the bottom will expand the sidebar and show your team list.

🌟 Additional Improvements

  • The chat widget is now available in Polish.
  • When creating a completely new Dixa account, the workload limit under Settings > Organization & Team is now set to 1 as default.
  • If an agent is having trouble with the Jabra integration you can now disable it in the Desktop app under Edit > Enable | Disable Jabra in the top bar of the application.
  • If an agent has trouble using the keyboard shortcuts, they can now disable them by going to Settings > Profile.
  • When sending an email transcript, the subject line will be retained.

🐞 Squashed Bugs

  • Issues related to claiming closed conversations has been resolved.
  • Hold music is now looped.
  • Issue related to the "to" and "from" addresses being missing on contact form and other conversations has been resolved.
  • Bug when opening Dixa with Click-to-call has been resolved.
  • Agents now get a notification when assisted transfer “to” number can't be delivered.
  • The ordered list (bullet list) and unordered (number list) list icons was switched in the text input field.

If you have any feedback on our newly released features, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be back next month with more news!

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