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Tue Søttrup
October 1, 2017

Release Notes - September 2017

In September a lot of you noticed that we updated the dashboard and settings. But behind the scenes we've added more new features that'll drastically improve your experience when working with email and chat as well as more powerful integration options with our Custom Card 2.0. Let's dig in.

Email and Chat News

We're still working a lot on email, and this time chat reaps some of the rewards as well.

Templates Are Here

Templates allow you to create text and HTML templates for quick responses when replying to customers and for auto replies. They work with both email and chat and are created using our own built-in HTML validator.

Quick Responses

Quick responses are easily triggered, pre-written replies to customers. Use it for topics that you're frequently contacted about to boost productivity and consistency. You can trigger a quick response by typing "=" and the template's name or by clicking the quick response button, like so:

Use quick responses for instant replies to customers
Trigger quick responses by typing "=" or clicking the quick response button

The templates also allow you to dynamically insert the customer's and agent's names, your company name and more, and they can be used when composing an email as well. Read our guide on quick responses to get an overview.

Auto Replies

Templates also allow you to set up auto replies to reply to customers as soon as you receive an email. You can use a different auto reply for each of your email addresses. You'll find auto reply templates in Settings -> Templates and you can enable them in Settings -> Email.

Here's the guide to get started.

Custom Email Signatures

Custom signatures have finally arrived! You can now set up custom email signatures and dynamically insert your company name, agents' names and more.

Forward Conversation (Chat & Email)

Want to send a transcript of an email or chat conversation to someone else? Now you can. Use the new forward conversation button found in the right-hand side panel in Conversation View. You'll be required to enter an email address that Dixa will then forward the conversation to.

More Powerful Integrations

We're focusing a lot on integration options at the moment. We want agents to have all the necessary information available as fast as possible when they accept a conversation. We've just finished Custom Cards version 2.0. If you aren't familiar with Custom Cards, they allow you to fetch information from your own systems and have it shown directly in Dixa.

Custom Cards 2.0 brings:

  • A more flexible webhook url that allows authorization headers.
  • Search for both A-number and A-email, and B-number and B-email (both the number or email of the customer as well as the number and email that the customer has contacted).
  • Functionality to test your integration when you're adding the code.
  • Higher priority on showing this information for agents. We've moved Custom Cards to the top of sidebar in Conversation View.

We've also done similar work on Podio:

  • You can now look up a contact based on A-numbers and B-emails (the customer's contact info).

Quality of Life Improvements

Settings have received a much needed redesign with several additions on top:

  • Restructured settings; each channel now has it's own menu item. We believe this is much simpler and will also allow us to easily add more channels.
  • Added templates to settings.
  • Merged Organization and Agents into one menu item called Organization & Team, where you'll find your company information and list of agents.
  • Phone settings now include phone numbers and their assigned call flows. This should provide a more intuitive way for admins to work with their phone system.
  • Chat settings simplified; each widget now has a built-in chat flow.
  • Both call flows and chat flows have been given a major overhaul.
  • You can now sort tags alphabetically or by most used.
  • You can sort templates: Alphabetically, by most popular, by template type, newest to oldest, oldest to newest.
  • List of agents is now sorted alphabetically.

We've also added some more options to queue settings: Admins can now set after conversation work (wrap-up) time for each queue.

Dashboard Update

We've renamed "Transferred" to "Timeouts" and have changed the calculation slightly to account for the change. Last month we launched the timeout action, and that's what we're now counting, while a transferred call will be logged as "Answered". Timeouts are actions that will, in most cases, lead the customer to a voicemail or an announcement, and so we're tracking them separately.

We've also updated the design a bit, including colors and the arrangement of the dashboard and TV-mode.

Bug Fixes

We've fixed a thing that were bugging our users and us:

  • Fixed an issue that caused email attachments to not upload correctly.
  • Squashed a bug with time settings in queue that caused us to sometimes confuse AM and PM.
  • Fixed an issue that caused announcements in call flows to not play back correctly.

October Will Bring

That's it for this month. In October we'll be working on:

  • Call back
  • Rich text editor for composing emails
  • More improvements to after conversation work time
  • A searchable support site
  • More integrations with work already started on Shopify.

See you next month :-)

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