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Christian Colding
October 3, 2018

Release Notes - September 2018

Coming Soon: Interface Updates

In case you missed our latest product release, we will soon be launching a minor redesign of the agent interface. The first part of the redesign solely consists of updating the colors, fonts and icons used within Dixa to better match our brand. There will be no changes to Dixa’s functionality and everything should work the exact same as it does today!

The second part consists of moving user presence management from the sidebar to the center of the application and reducing the amount of channels that can be enabled.

Talk to Agents Before Transferring Calls

Before you transfer a call, you can now talk to the agent that you are transferring to. At the same time we've optimized how transfers work, making the user experience easier to understand, fixing bugs and simplifying the actions.

To talk to the agent before transferring a call, go to an open phone conversation and click Transfer > Transfer to agent > [Select agent] > Talk to [agent] first.

Search Notes 🔍

You can now search all notes written in conversations. To do so, enter a search string in the search field at the top of the interface and scope it by Notes to only display the notes where the search phrase appears.

Exact Match Searching

In addition to “Best match,” you can now also do an “Exact match” search when searching. With Exact match, you only get results that match exactly what you've written. This is especially beneficial for order numbers, which tend to be very similar.

Keyboard Shortcuts ⌨️

We've added the first keyboard shortcuts to Dixa to help you be even quicker! For example you can easily accept/reject a conversation offer or close a conversation.

Check out the full list

A tooltip is shown for actions that support keyboard shortcuts.

Follow-Up Conversation Functionality

Offered to last assignee

When a conversation that has been marked as “follow-up” expires, it will now be offered to the last agent assigned to the conversation first.

If the assignee is working and workload limit has not been reached we will offer the conversation to the assignee. If the assignee rejects the conversation or goes offline, it will be offered to the queue.

Transfer closed/follow-up conversations

Agents are now able to transfer closed Phone and Chat conversations as well as conversations marked as follow-up back to the same queue or to a different queue.

Once the phone call or chat ends, the conversation is automatically closed because there is no longer a customer on the other end. If you transfer the conversation back to a queue, it will become open again and will be offered to agents in the queue. This allows agents to still act on the conversation - e.g. sending a new email or calling the customer back.

Presence API

Companies can now control the presence of an agent over the API. This means that if you are running Skype for Business for example, you can create an app that links the two together, so that when you set yourself as offline in Skype, it sets you to offline in Dixa.

Read our guide on how to set it up

Additional Improvements 🌟

Chrome Autoplay policy

With the newest release of Chrome, audio is generally blocked from playing automatically until you interact with it. We’ve added a notification to let you know when sounds are not enabled, so you can enable them.

New languages

Dixa now supports Japanese, Russian, Polish and Turkish when announcing queue position and callback announcements on phone calls.

And more...

  • Include the end user's email in “send transcript” action
  • Queue alerts based on logged in agents
  • Download inline images using the desktop app

Squashed Bugs 🐞

We are always on the hunt for bugs. Of the many bugs we’ve fixed - these are most notable:

  • Show all call recordings on a conversation. Before, we would only show one.
  • Reopening an existing phone, chat or email flow no longer mixes up actions.
  • When all agents within a priority level are not available, we will now correctly offer the conversation to the next level of priority.

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