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Customizable widget

Use your own visual identity across your entire website or only on pages you choose.

Mobile optimized

The chat widget changes size dynamically based on the user’s screen width.

Customize the chat experience


Select your own color for the widget and preview it in both minimized view and conversation view on both desktop and mobile.

Select where to place the widget on your website. Options are: Left, right, bottom left, bottom right.

Hide options
You can set the chat window to appear:

  • Always.
  • When at least one agent is available (recommended).
  • When at least one agent is online, regardless of status.

Easily add chat to your website

No credit card needed, no catch

Sign up & set up

Follow our tutorial to set up your organization and invite members of your team. Finally, customize the chat widget to fit your needs.

Copy + paste

Copy the provided script into the html of each page you want the chat widget to appear on.

Start chatting

You now receive chats directly in the Dixa interface! Enjoy other features like contact recognition, conversation history and reporting for free.

Simple & intuitive interface

Our interface is designed for you to be able to focus on the customer’s experience and not the system. 

Once you get a chat, the visitor will be recognized if he or she is a repeat customer and you get access to their information and any previous conversations. You also see which page on your website that they activated the chat on.

During the chat you can also transfer the chat to any available colleague if you need to. You can also add notes to the conversation for later reference.

You get these premium features for free

Chat for your website

You get a customizable chat widget as well as an unlimited amount of employees to answer chat conversations for which there are no limits either.

Being on the Dixa platform, you also automatically get access to a heap of other cool features for free.

Lightweight CRM

Never forget a customer! With the built-in CRM you can:

  • Recognize customers when they contact you
  • Save customer information
  • Save and search in conversations
  • Add notes to each conversation

Reporting and analytics

Get real-time reporting and project dashboards unto larger screens with our TV-mode. Should you wish to, you can even set your own service levels.

Finally, you can access historical data through our analytics module.

Turn your visitors into customers
& improve your customer service

By signing up you get access to the forever free plan that includes chat, CRM, analytics and a free test of telephony!
If you’d like a demo right now or soon, just hit us up on the chat and we’ll try to schedule something for you immediately!

Frequently asked questions

Is this really free?

Yes. At some point, we hope you grow your business and will need some of our other services. By then we think you’ll like Dixa so much that you choose us. So yes, it really is free.

How many agents can we add?

You can add an unlimited amount of agents for chat, but there's a price per agent past the first five. For telephony it’s a bit different: You pay per agent who’s placed in a queue to receive calls. Other employees who aren’t in a queue - specialists, for instance - are free.

What’s the limit for number of concurrent chats?

We currently have a limit of five concurrent chats per agent.

Can you transfer a chat?

Yes, you can transfer a chat to any available agent and employee.

Can I get help setting up?

While we won’t do the actual set up for you, you can always contact our support about any questions you might have. We always do our best to help, and our developers are even standing by for tech support.

Can we have more than one chat widget?

Yes, you can have more than one chat widget. For instance, you might want a specific widget located on your check-out pages that only certain employees are supposed to answer. Each widget has its own settings and you decide who answers which one. However, you can only use one widget per domain or subdomain.