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Meet your customers in real-time

On the top of the list of most customer service surveys we’re seeing the need to supply real-time help to customers who find themselves in need of help now. This goes for both service and buying situations. People want help immediately, and this expectation is set to increase as connectivity and instant-messaging is still on the rise.

To help you supply the best customer service, Dixa was conceived as a real-time platform from day one. This means that we don’t think in terms of channels, but instead just of fulfilling this expectation.

Connect across multiple channels

Especially younger consumers are constantly connected. And with so many touch points to your business, most people expect to be able to reach you on any one of them, be it phone, chat, email, review sites or social media.
Your customers and consumers don’t think in terms of channels, and we think they’re right not to. Dixa enables you to respond to them on a channel of their choice and with the expectations that each channel carry.

Check out the full features of our call center and chat solutions and read about upcoming features too.

All-in-one, simple & intuitive agent interface

We did not forget about the agent experience. We do everything we can to keep it simple and intuitive to enable you to find information quickly and provide great customer service.

We’ve found from personal experience that spending time navigating in and mastering complex systems is rarely well spent. We want agents to focus on the conversation - not the software - and therefore great usability will forever be on our radar when designing Dixa.

Set service levels and get statistics

Knowing how well you’re doing in servicing your customers has become a big part of customer service. Rightfully so. 

Dixa allows you to set your own standards and see how each team is measuring up to them in real-time. We’re working on agent level performance stats as well.

You define the service levels yourself for each queue, channel and team and can project dashboards onto any screen you want with our TV-mode.

14-day free trial
Get access to the whole system for 14 days. Inbound test calls are on us!
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Schedule a demo or contact us to have your questions answered immediately!

Never forget a customer - seamless, lightweight CRM

No one wants to be treated like a number, and no one wants to have to update a customer service rep on their history or priorities. 

To meet this expectation, we’ve designed a simple and lightweight CRM and built it into the agent interface. It automatically stores customer information, enables contact recognition and allows you to see conversation history as well as supply each with wrap-up notes. 

It’also features a search function that works across customers, businesses, all their data, contact info and conversation IDs. This allows you to find what you’re looking for quickly and seamlessly.

Customize the chat experience

Allowing your customers to get in touch with you instantly should they need it has become essential, especially for transaction or advice heavy businesses. 

We provide a completely free chat solution. It features a customizable chat widget that you easily embed on your website with code that we supply. 

Chat conversations behave just like a phone call, are stored, can be supplied with notes, and transferred to other agents.

Make sure conversations get to the right people

Connecting customers with the person best able to help them, and doing so consistently, is a mainstay in excellent customer service. Should that not succeed, the ability to get the right person to help is important. 

Dixa allows you to set up call flows and edit them using simple drag’n’drop. The call flow editor includes an IVR that you can both upload and record messages to as well as a heap of other options. 

A solution that scales to fit your need

Dixa runs directly in your browser and on your smart phone; there’s no equipment, no servers or software needed. And there are no maintenance fees either. 

Finally, you can add or remove agents and channels on the fly. With pricing per agent, Dixa will scale to fit your needs, no matter how they might change. On our pricing page you can see all the free includes you get.

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