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Too Good To Go

"Dixa has helped scale our business from 20 agents to over 100 in 6 months while simultaneously helping us build a strong foundation for our customer service and experience."

– Andreas Sachse, COO


"Dixa's conversational platform is fully aligned with our vision and has been essential to our growth journey as we scaled from 3 to 9 markets, 40K to 130K subscribers and 20-50 agents in less than a year."

- Rasmus Schmiegelow, Founder & CEO is a Danish ebike startup that has become the most successful crowdfunded project throughout Europe since it's launch in 2016. The brand runs on Dixa to keep up with their exploding international customer base.

Am I eligible for Dixa for Startups?

Dixa for Startups is built specifically for early-stage businesses that need smart and intelligent software to support their growth while keeping their number of customer service systems down to one.

Startups who have raised up to Series A funding round with under $2M in funding and have less than 8 agents are eligible for up to 90% off in their first year and up to 50% off in the second year for all plans.

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Series A

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"The thing I like the most about Dixa is the simplicity. It's simple to use in a good way. Dixa makes my work a lot easier, but also faster."
Christoffer R.– G2 reviewer