Add a queue

Admin guide
  1. Go to Settings in the left-side panel.
  2. Click on Queues.
  3. Click Add queue in the right upper corner.
  4. Enter a name your queue. (ie Sales, Support, Customer Service).
  5. Select a Priority for the queue (optional).
    Queue priority
    If an agent is assigned to two queues, and both queues have currently have customers waiting in line, the agent will receive the conversation from the queue with the highest priority starting from 1, then 2 and so on. If yi don't se a priority, the queue will be considered the lowest priority.
  6. Set an Offer timeout for the queue (optional).
    Offer timeout
    Allows you to set the respond time for conversation offers to agents Beware that an agent is se to "Away" if the don't accept an offer within the allotted time. Default is recommended minimum is 30 seconds.
  7. Set Wrapup time in seconds (optional).
    Wrapup time
    Allows you to adjust the time agents have between ending a conversation and being offered a new one. Default is 30 seconds
  8. Select an Offer algorithm.
  9. Select and add agents to the queue.
  10. Click Add new queue to save.

Admin guides

Agent guides